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Best Hair Clippers For Men

Whether you are a professional barber or just a basic user, having one of the best hair clippers is of utmost importance. Undoubtedly, there are lots of different hairstyles all over the world for men but I’m pretty sure there’s nothing sexy and manly about an unkempt hair. If you are one of the lucky few with fast growing hairs, visiting the barbers often can be very frustrating.

Unless you want to become the male version of Rapunzel, it is advisable you get your act together and take care of your hair yourself. Taking care of your hair at home is no rocket science and you should be confident of yourself to do a perfect job, especially when you have one of the right hair clippers at your disposal. Simply put, the right clippers are essential to proper men’s grooming.

Since it is not all about expertise and experience, it is very necessary that you buy the best hair clipper. When buying a good hair clipper, there are certain factors that you need to consider. When you know these factors, you will be equipped to get top-quality hair clippers.

To get started, we would identify things to look out for when purchasing a hair clipper and then review some of the best hair clippers in the market today. For you to have a good knowledge of each product the pros, cons and prices of these products will be discussed. In the end, you will be able to decide which of these products specifically suits your needs.

What To Look For In Hair Clippers

In order to make sure that you acquire the best hair clippers for men, it is absolutely important to do a great deal of research. You’ll first want to know exactly what you want to achieve with the clippers and how much you are willing to spend. Once you have figured out these parameters, other factors like ease of use, price, versatility and overall use come into play.

Below, you will find a breakdown of some of the most pertinent features to look out for when purchasing hair clippers.


It is very common for the mass majority of consumers to pay a great deal of attention to the price of the product, while ignoring almost everything else. Although, it’s important for you to give attention to the cost of what you intend to buy, it is also necessary to remember that prices can be deceptive atimes.

The best hair clippers might not always be the most expensive and the least costly aren’t always the worst. Generally, you will receive extra features like a return-back policy and a warranty that extends for a longer period if you spend more. Thus, it’s often in your best interest to do so.

Cord Length

Majority of hair clippers come with power cords. There are some trimmers which are battery powered, but most clippers will require a power outlet. With this knowledge, it is important to pay close attention to the length of the cord when you want to make your decision. A short cord will extremely restrict your movement and may make the clippers frustrating to use. It’s better to opt for clippers with longer cords as that are very easy to use.

Do remember that the plugin might only be compatible with US outlets, while others may be suitable for European standard outlets. Be sure to choose one that works perfectly well with your country’s layout.

Included Attachments

The overall versatility of the clippers are largely determined by the number of attachments included. A large number of attachments will make it possible to use the clippers for a wider variety of purposes and vice versa.

Although you might never use all of the included accessories and attachments, it is advisable that you opt for as many as possible. Also, ensure that the clippers come with all of the necessary maintenance tools such as blade oil and the tiny comb.

Variable Speeds

Some of the higher end razors will have motors that are capable of running at variable speeds. Although this isn’t compulsory, it is an additional bonus and will give you the ability to gain more control over the cutting experience. Be sure to look for a pair of clippers that has at least two different speeds.


A single shaving session shouldn’t take more than tenor twenty minutes. However, the experience could quickly become uncomfortable if the clippers do not comfortably fit the palm of your hand. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you opt for clippers that are ergonomically designed. This will ensure that the device fits comfortably in the palm of your hands and make shaving as fun as it should be.

Shell or Casing

If you select a pair of clippers which are made from cheap plastic, you should expect them to break easily. If you are interested in saving money, you can go for the aforementioned. However, if you want to get your money’s worth and truly want the best hair clippers for men, you will need to spend a little more and purchase clippers that are made from highly durable materials, such as aluminum or steel. This will help to ensure that the clippers won’t break and become inoperable, due to a drop or two.


The motor is unarguably the most important aspect of the clipper. If the motor isn’t up to par, it’ll wear out and die very quickly. You will need a motor that is durable. At the same time, if you intend to use your clipper while your loved ones are asleep, you should opt for a motor that is quiet.


Ensure that you pay close attention to the warranty. The warranty will help to increase the overall value of the product and will help ensure that your problems are solved, without spending more.

Oster Fat Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

There are reasons why the Oster Fast Feed is one of the bestselling and most popular hair clippers around; and it all starts with the 12-amp pivot motor. There’s a reason that the Oster Fast Feed is one of the best-selling and most popular hair clippers around. Actually, more than just one reason. And it all starts with the 12-amp pivot motor.

The “Whisper Quiet” pivot motor on this bad boy is twice as powerful as a magnetic motor clipper. Just as its name indicates, it’s very quiet but very effective for cutting through wet or dry hair. What about thick hair? That’s no problem. It cuts even through the thickest hair with a single pass.

It also has a sleek, ergonomic design with a textured lightweight housing unit that makes it very easy to handle and use. It’s also durable, so you can plan on many years of effective use. Other features includes an adjustable Cryogen-x blade which is extremely sharp and again, is easily adjusted by the unit’s blade lever, which makes for a nice cut every time, a 8-foot power cord which provides maneuverability, 4 guide combs-blending,1/4”,3/8”, and ½”.

The package also includes a blade guard, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. The product’s got one of the strongest motors of the market, easy to use, it’s effective on any hair type and length, and comes with one adjustable blade which ensures that you don’t have to worry about changing blades on the fly. No wonder it ranks at the top of best hair clippers for men.

However, this amazing product doesn’t come with a carry case or stand and it only comes with a one-year warranty. The device sells for $58.53 on Amazon.

Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

The Classic 76 model from Oster is a high-quality clipper that can be used for both wet and dry hair. The product comes with a very powerful, single speed motor that ensures durability. This build-in motor will provide constant power, even when put under an extreme amount of pressure. The great benefit of buying the Classic 76 is that there are 2 blades in the package. The blade detaches from the clipper very easily and only needs a screwdriver.

Additional accessories include clipper grease, blade guard, a tube of lubricating oil and a cleaning brush. Its housing is designed to resist breakages, even after long hours of use. Other notable features of this great product are a large on/off toggle switch that is conveniently located on the bottom of the clipper, a 9”electric cable for more flexibility, additional blades sold separately and a clip for hanging.

To make it fit for use for any hair type, the product comes with detachable blades that come in sizes 000 and 1. Just to add, it is fairly big and if you don’t have wide palms, your wrist would have to bear all the pains. It is far from lightweight and can be pretty heavy to use for a long time. It’s also noisy compared to other products in the market today. It sells for $102.75 on Amazon.

Oster Model 10 Heavy Duty Clipper

Oster made a Model 10 clipper decades ago and its back with up-to-date quality and materials.

This machine makes the list of best hair clipper for men because it cuts reliably through hair like a hot knife through butter. The housing is uniquely designed to enhance maneuverability and longevity. The on-board universal motor provides constant power and will not break down under duress. To give users more flexibility when using the product, the manufacturer equipped it with a 10” electrical cable.

The old school on/off toggle switch is located on the bottom of the unit. This will allow the user instant access to the switch, so you can turn off the clipper without unplugging the cable. For those who already own an Oster Classic76, the same detachable blades can be used. Even though it’s powerful, it is small, light and agile for single handed use without tiring you out.

It also comes with a blade guard, lubricating oil, and cleaning brush so you don’t have waste money buying extra accessories apart from the clipper. Some buyers have reported overheating when using the device, although you can send in for an exchange. This amazing product can be bought on Amazon at$115.15.

Wahl Color Pro Hair Cutting Kit

At under $20, the Wahl Pro Hair Cutting Kit is considered the best budget home hair clipper on the market.

This product comes with a lot of goodies, so in case you think you are paying less, you aren’t getting less. There’s a lot to like about this product.to start with; its color–coded guide system makes it easy for home users to remember which comb corresponds with what hair length. Each comb has a color-coded key that corresponds with the correct comb for each setting.

Another loveable feature about this product is that its suitable for cutting hair all over the body, so whether you want to trim your hair, trim your beard, shave your head or manscaping, this product will make your “manly dreams” come through.

You will also get a clean cut out of this device thanks to its self-sharpening high-carbon steel blades that are precision-ground and made to last much longer. Its motor is also powerful enough to cut through coarse, thick hair.

It also comes with a power cord which is 6-feet long-which is more than enough for your cutting needs and ease of movement. The Wahl 79300 comes with accessories like a small bottle of blade oil, a barber comb, styling comb and a pair of scissors. Just so you know, this device is not suitable for beards and some buyers had occasional issues with overheating when using the device.

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Clipper

It’s a newer, updated version for the Wahl line and features a v9000 motor, giving 50% more power than the v5000 model.it manages to be heavty-duty,with a strong resilient design, but also pretty sleek, small at 6.5” and lightweight. It also features a comfortable design with an easy grip. The design shape is ergonomic and fits any hand size, and great for all day use.

The side lever is a great feature for quickly changing to fades and tapers, hence, saving time and work on your hair.

Other great features worth mentioning are: the unit comes with a #1005 blade made for heavy duty cutting (which are designed to be easily released, for cleaning, maintenance or even replacement), the 8foot cord is resistant to all chemicals spilled including hair dyes, treatments, shampoos and conditioners.

Plus it comes with plenty of other accessories included in the package like the 3 different-sized detachable combs. The Wahl Senior is very affordable, reliable, and resilient and versatile. The downsides to this product are that it comes with minimal accessories and some buyers complained of the head of the clipper popping off. It sells for $59.85 on Amazon.

Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper

The Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper Kit with Detachable Blade has a rotary motor designed for heavy-duty cutting of various hair densities and textures. It also features variable speed to give you greater control while cutting.

It can be converted to cordless using the BGR+ battery pack and charger. It is 20% lighter, 10% faster and quiet than most traditional clippers. It also works with all Ultra Edge and CeramicEdge blades.

This best hair clipper sells for around $120 dollars on Amazon. However, some buyers complained that the plug gave out after using it for less than a year. Some noted that it’s not well insulated as the insulation protecting the wire splits into two, just at the base of the clipper where it rotates. The power button is also hard to turn on/off.

Andis Ceramic BRGC Hair Clipper

When it comes to buying the best hair clippers, knowing which models are top-rated on the market is very helpful. One of such is the Andis BRGC. It works like a charm for high-volume cutting.it features a very powerful rotary motor that works at 2900/speed per minute.

It operates quietly and it’s very powerful. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, this clipper is just right for you.

The motor is self-contained and permanently lubricated, which makes it produce a low humming sound. This device uses ceramic edge blades resistant to corrosion. Unlike other clippers that produce a great deal of heat, with the blades of this unique product, you don’t have to worry about burning yours or someone else’s skin.

The power cord can be replaced with a battery pack, but please note that if you want to go cordless, the clipper will become slightly heavier. It is durable, small and lightweight making it very easy to hold. However, the blades are too sharp and the device is quite expensive. It sells for about $200 dollars on Amazon.

Andis Master Hair Clipper

This product comes with adjustable blades that make them suitable for any type of hair trimming. Its high speed motor ensures that it has a good trimming experience with a quiet operational usage. The product is strong and highly durable.

The product allows for easy maneuvering and manipulation because of its lightweight thanks to its aluminum material. It also comes with a magnetic motor.

It is ideal for cutting of beards as it doesn’t clog or pull on the hair. To get the best use of this product, it is advisable to keep oiled while in usage. It comes with a high speed magnetic motor which gives it a powerful performance.it is ideal in cutting of fades, beards, flat tops, and afros.

If you are still an amateur in barbing, the product tends to get hot over time. When in use, it also makes an incredibly loud buzz sound. You will need to adjust the flat head screw located on its side to eliminate this noise.

Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper Kit

Want to leave the sweeping to your barber and get mess-free professional results in the comfort of your own home? Try the Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper Kit. The Remington Vacuum 18-piece Haircut Kit provides all the tools you need to maintain your signature look. How does this device work? This affordable device features precision-ground blades that work through hair fast while the high-speed fan creates a powerful airflow that collects all the trimmed hairs for easy cleanup.

It’s an all- encompassing 18 piece kit that includes 6 length-altering combs, right and left tapers, a styling comb, barber scissors, a cleaning brush, a blade guard, 3 sectioning clips, an oil bottle, and an extra–large storage pouch. These accessories give you all the tools you need for a great haircut.

It also features an innovative dual motor system that drives power to both the precision hair clippers and the vacuum suction, depositing trimmed hair into the removal collection chamber. The downsides to this amazing product are: some users claimed the vacuum feature doesn’t suck up 100% of all cut hair. Also, it’s not suitable for thick hairs as the clipper will choke on it. It sells for about $35 dollars on Amazon.


Having reviewed the best hair clippers for men on the market today, if you’ve got extra cash to spare and are looking for a high-quality and durable hair clipper, the Andis Ceramic BRGC Hair Clipper is highly recommended. You won’t find a hair clipper that provides flexibility and power to make haircutting a simple process. This product is one of the best hair clippers on the market because it is easy to use.

It features contoured housings; hence, holding it for an extended period of time is easy. It is also made of polymer which makes it extremely durable. It feels softer and also absorbs vibration which is great for long-term extended cutting. However, if you are budget-conscious and want a device which sells for less and still performs very well, the Wahl Color Pro Hair Cutting Kit is a great product to buy.

How to Use Hair Clippers at Home

Using clippers is very easy and fast. Follow the tips below and learn how to use your device at home.

  • Choose your guard size: every hair clipper comes with a number of attachments that allows you to cut your hair to different lengths. The longest is a size 7 or 8, depending on the clipper, which leaves about an inch of hair on your head. Using a guard shorter than a size 4 will show your scalp, and leave you vulnerable to sunburn.
  • Dry your hair: never cut wet hair with clippers as this will cause the blades to rust.
  • Hold the clipper with the blades down and work against the direction of your hair’s growth, so you can catch more hair with the guard.
  • Don’t go too fast: by going slowly, you not only get a comfortable shave, but a smooth one as well.
  • Remove the guard and turn the clipper over in your hand: carefully cut a clean line at the back of the neck and around the ears.
  • Draw the clipper down from the hairline at the back of the neck to clip the hair in that region. This leaves the neck feeling smooth and comfortable.
  • Cut a line at the bottom of the sideburns, comparing their lengths to ensure they are even. If you have facial hair, use a guard to provide a smooth transition from the sideburns to the beard.
  • Clean your clippers by brushing the blades free of hair, disinfecting them with alcohol and applying a thin film of oil that came with the clipper. Never use vegetable oil.

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