Best Hair Clippers For Home And Professional Use

best hair clippers

A nice haircut, clean hairstyle and a neatly groomed face will always get people’s attention. In the first split second of meeting a new person, your haircut will speak volumes about who you are. Unkempt hair makes you look like a ruffian while on the other hand, people with cool haircuts are accorded audience and respect- well, unless they decide to open their mouth and say rubbish.

So, you need to trim your hair frequently to maintain that crisp look. You might choose to do this at the barber or you may be more inclined towards do-it-yourself things, like myself. I usually wonder- why would I pay someone to do something I can get done by myself with the aid of a mirror and one of the best hair clippers around?

Nevertheless, whatever the case is, whoever you are- a professional barber or just a guy who likes to maintain his great hairstyle, you need to get your hands on a very good hair clipper.

There are many of them in town, and choosing one might prove to be quite an headache. You can easily get drowned in the sea of information out there, swapping web pages and web tabs. It’s a ritual that wears you out. But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

Here, we’ve assembled 9 of the best hair clippers out there and we’ll give you a brief description of each one so you can make your choice without any hassle.

But before diving into that, you need to know what to look out for in hair clippers before you purchase one. What are the factors you need to consider when deciding which one to go for?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Hair Clipper

Here are several issues you need to think about before deciding on which clipper to settle down for.

  1. Know yourself, and your needs.

What do you need an hair clipper for? Do you need a good trimmer or you want to get a clipper that will get rid of those chunks of hair? Be specific about what you need and you’re a step closer to making the right choice.

  1. What is your budget?

Yes. How much can you afford for this new hair clipper? You need to have a budget to know far you are willing to get that metal. Most of these devices aren’t expensive but you might need to reflect a bit before buying some. Have a number in mind, or better still, a good range of numbers, so you’re better prepared for shopping.

  1. Is it a cordless device? If not, how long is the cord length?

This might seem a trivial matter but believe me, it is important. Cords keep getting in the way when barbing. Cordless devices however give you enough freedom such that you’ll trim and style your hair with the littlest hindrance. The less problems you encounter in styling your hair, the higher the chances you’ll do a good job. So, ask yourself- is this device cordless or not? Will I enjoy using it that way?

If it is a corded device, how long is the length of the cord? Will it be long enough to give your barber enough room to move around during barbing? Also check if the cord works with the electricity voltage in your country. If it doesn’t you will need a step up or step down device to convert the voltage to one your clipper can work with, which is an additional expense.

  1. Does it come with accessories?

Check if the clipper comes with accessories. This is not all important but it sure feels good for the entrée to come with side dressings. It’s an added bonus. Who wouldn’t love to have some extra goodies?

  1. Engine

This is a very important thing to consider. You need to check if this device has a powerful engine that will last long and not wear down in a couple of months. Also go for devices that don’t make loud noises when in use. Apart from being annoying, it won’t allow you to barb for kids when they are asleep.

  1. Does the engine work at variable speeds

This is not compulsory but it is relevant when you’re barbing hairs of different sizes. Some clippers have adjustable speeds which you can increase when you come across thicker hairs.

  1. Design

You’ll want a device that has a design that is pleasing on the eye and has a nice grip. This way you can hold it comfortably and have complete control during barbing.

  1. Warranty

Check the warranty on the device before buying it. Pay attention to this so you don’t spend extra money if it suddenly stops working.

  1. Shell or casing

What is the protective cover of this model made of? Will it break easily if it drops in the faucet?

Best Hair Clippers for Men in 2017 Review

Here are the best hair clippers for men in 2017. Hope you pick up a thing or two here:

Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

best hair clipper

Oster, an American firm which specializes in manufacturing body care machines, has been making a some headway with its clippers for years. The firm has a whole series of clippers with unique functions and designs.

The Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper (what a mouthful) is one of Oster’s cutters that gets the job done. It is a device with a cord, so the engine is pretty strong, and will actually last for years although there’s a one year warranty on it.

The cord is 8 ft long, which gives room for a lot of maneuverability but it won’t give you the freedom cordless clippers bring.

The device has a basic design- the kind of design you’ll find on every other clipper. The middle section of the clipper is quite handy, and gives you a good grip but you have to be careful not to drop it carelessly.

One thing worth of mention is that the Fast Feed comes with a pivot motor and a Whisper Quiet design. The device whirrs gently when in use and won’t make much noise. It also works well on wet and dry hairs.

The best thing about this device is the kit that comes with it. In the package you have 3 guide combs, a blade guard, lubricating oil as well as cleaning brush. You can use the brush to clean the device after using it. The combs enable you to trim hair to lengths 1/16 of an inch to ½ an inch. There’s also a storage container to safeguard the device.

Call me Oliver Twist, but I’d like to see Oster include other tools in the kit like scissors, a barber cape, styling combs and pincers. Would that be too much to ask for 87 bucks?


Powerful engine

Cuts through wet and dry hair with ease


It comes with a one-year warranty. Other devices have warranties ranging from 2 to 5 years.

Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper

best hair clippers

Next is the Fast Feed’s sibling, Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper.

This clipper has been used by professional barbers and stylists over the years, making it a household name. Almost everybody has something good to say about the clipper. It has a strong, powerful, heavy duty engine which will cut through thick clumps of any type of hair with ease. It cuts at one speed though, but this doesn’t limit its capabilities.

Like its sibling, it has a cord attached to it but this time it is 9 feet long. The blade is detachable and can be replaced when it wears out. It doesn’t come with the Whisper Quiet feature, but this doesn’t mean it will wake the whole block up at midnight.

This barber’s pet is made strictly for professionals. It is ultra-durable and comes with a break-resistant housing design. This means it won’t break into a thousand fragments (pardon my exaggeration) if it drops mistakenly on the floor. It is a sturdy device and will last for many years before you will need to replace the parts.

The device comes with two detachable heads with sizes 000 and 1. You can also use trimming combs with it. Other accessories that come with the Classic Clipper include a blade guard, a clipper grease, lubricating oil, and cleaning brush.

What about the price? This device is twice as expensive as its sibling. It goes for $210.


Sturdy build

Strong battery


Expensive, but then, every quality device is.

Oster Model 10 Heavy Duty Clipper

best hair clippers

Here’s another heavy duty clipper from Oster. In this case however, the clipper blade is detachable. It is the ultimate barber’s tool. And guess what? The cord in this case is 10 feet long. Seems Oster is onto something there.

This device has been around for ages. It cuts through any type of hair- thick, bush, dry or wet, like a hot knife cuts through butter. It is super effective. The power button was built somewhere near the bottom so you can easily turn it on or off. The Model 10 is designed to give you a fantastic grip in such a way that you can maneuver it and move it around without hassle. It is also light so you won’t get worn out after using it for hours.

Just like its heavy duty sibling, it doesn’t break easily, as it comes with the break-resistant housing feature. The device goes for few bucks above $100 although the price varies across online stores.


Heavy duty clipper

Light and easily maneuvered


It overheats sometimes

Wahl Color Pro Hair Cutting Kit

best hair clippers

For some reason, this device is touted a haircut kit for professionals. It comes with colorful accessories which you’ll find interesting and fanciful. There’s the clipper itself, a blade guard, a barber and styling combs, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, a durable handle storage case and a host of guide combs.

The guide combs are color coded and are designed to trim hair lengths from 1.5 millimeters to 25 millimeters. There’s also a left and right ear tapers as well as an ear trim guide comb. Weighing 1.9 pounds, it isn’t really heavy and can be used for long hours.

The device cuts though hair well thanks to its self-sharpening, self-precision ground blades. The blades are made out of high-carbon steels so they stay sharp for a long period. The Wahl Color Pro clipper has a soft touch grip too and is expected to work for 5 years before developing any faults.

One drawback is that it is made for use at electrical outlets in the US only. If you’re going out of town or if you live in other countries you might run into a bit of a problem.


Colored guide combs

5-year warranty


Not for international use

Wahl Professional 8500 Senior Clipper
best hair clippers


Here’s another professional clipper from Wahl that comes highly recommended. It ships with a standard package with no special blades and minimal accessories. In the package you’ll find 3 cutting guides, from 1/16 inches to 3/16 inches, a blade guard, cleaning brush and oil. You will have to get an accessory that isn’t included in the package separately if you need it.

However it sports an engine more powerful than the Wahl Color Pro clipper. This allows it to cut faster through thickets of hair. It has a sleek design too, comes in a portable body and is light, despite being touted a heavy duty machine.

There’s an 8 feet long cable attached to the device and the side lever allows you to change to fades and tapers. One thing about the clipper that stands out is that its motor isn’t rotary in nature, which is what’s usually found on professional clippers. This doesn’t hinder it from working on all hair types though.

You can get it for between 60 to 70 bucks.


Powerful than its peers


Minimal accessories

Andis Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper

best hair clippers

Andis is another clipper maker that is popular in the market. They are known for making clippers that have unique features. Take the Men’s 5-Speed Hair Clipper for instance; it is one of few clippers that have adjustable speed, which is a bonus over others.

If you’re working on hairs with little density and texture, use the lowest speed on the device. The thicker the hair, the faster the speed you’ll need to use. This way you can conveniently do heavy-duty styling on your scalp. The device also remembers the last speed used when you turn it off.

It is armed with a 4 x 4 blade drive and the head is detachable so you can clean it easily. The device comes with a 360 degree swivel cord but you can convert it into a cordless clipper by using a BGR+ battery pack which is sold separately.

The Andis 63100 BGRV contains everything you’ll expect from a top clipper producer. The operation is smooth and efficient.

You’ll need to fork out a couple hundred bucks to get this baby.


Adjustable speed



Andis Ceramic BRGC Hair Clipper

best hair clippers

This is another professional clipper from Andis. It is one of the most powerful cordless clippers on the market these days. It also has a rotary motor and coupled with the cordless feature, it allows you to trim hair without much fuss.

The Ceramic BRGC clipper comes with a perceptive rechargeable battery that takes one hour to get fully charged. When fully charged, it can work uninterrupted for one hour.

The unique thing about it is that it has ceramic edge blades which make it cooler than other traditional blades. This way, the device won’t heat up after heavy use. You can do 15 to 25 haircuts a day with this bad boy.

In the box you’ll find the rechargeable hair clipper, a ceramic edge blade, seven plastic attachment combs sized 1/16 to one inch. The package also contains a charging base, a storage case and 4 ounces of oil for cleaning the unit.

Most people had something positive to say about this clipper except that they’ll love to be using it while charging it. The corded wire that makes this happen doesn’t come with the package.


Heavy duty device



Heavy and not ergonomic

Andis Master Hair Clipper

best hair clippers


Andis has been around for almost a century for producing devices to cut and style the hair so it’s no wonder their products are popular and strong.

The Master Hair Clipper sports a high speed magnetic motor which is quite sturdy. This is probably the secret behind its power. The Master Hair Clipper is also versatile – you can use it on your scalp, your face and cheeks to cut beards, as long as it doesn’t clog the hair. You need to oil the blades whenever you use it though, this improves its efficiency.

The device is lightweight and you don’t have much to worry if it mistakenly drops on the ground. Its casing is made with aluminum, which prevents it from breaking easily.

The drawback of the device is that it becomes unbearably hot after long use and it makes a loud buzzing noise as well. It is not a cordless device.





Gets hot after long usage

Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper Kit

best hair clippers

The Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper is a fantastic piece of tech. The majority of those who purchased this clipper have good things to say about it. One huge advantage it has over other clippers in this review is its vacuum.

The device has a pouch which stores the hairs as you cut them. When the hair chamber is filled up you simply remove it, pour the hair out somewhere and resume barbing. This way you don’t need to do much cleanup after a barbing session.

The device has precision ground blades that do the job neatly while a high-speed fan blows hair that has been cut into its pouch. Although the vacuum works great, it is not 100 per cent efficient. Some hair will still fall to the ground but it is minimal.

The Remington Vacuum Hair Clipper comes with a bag of goodies. There’s an 18 piece kit that contains right and left tapers, a barber’s scissors, a blade guard, a cleaning brush, a styling comb, an oil bottle, 6 length-altering combs, and an extra-large bag for storing everything among other things.

The length-altering combs are used to trim hairs from 3 to 25 millimeters. The device is corded and you can use it to cut your beards too. Remington guarantees two years of usage without the device developing any faults.


Vacuum design



There are several fantastic hair clippers on the market these days, it all depends on who you are and what you want to use it for.

The Remington is great for personal use while others are professional hair clippers- they are meant for heavy usage by barbers and stylists.

So, weigh your options and compare these clippers with each other. Think about what you want, and then make the right decision.

All the best!

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