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Best Nose Hair Trimmers for Men

Are you having some problem getting rid of the gross hair that grows out of your nose? Well, you are not alone- lots of men are facing the same problem. You’d wish that after trimming those hairs, they won’t grow any quicker. It’s not only women that should be conscious of their appearance; men too should look presentable, isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, the nasal strands are not there for any reason. Their function is to act as dust filters, shielding the sensitive interior of your nose from pollutants. Things just go fine until you are in your 50s, which is the time the hair strands start protruding from your nose. However, the good news is that this problem can be rectified quickly and painlessly when you have one of the best hair trimmers at your disposal.

It is the most hygienic way to keep that unsightly hair out of people’s sight. For men who are tired of feeling embarrassed in public, this article is for you. Choosing the best nose trimmers is not as simple as it appears to be. There are a couple of factors you need to take into consideration before you spend your money.

Qualities to Look for in a Nose Hair Trimmer

The market is filled with a number of products that all claim to be the best at removing unwanted air from your nose, however, few of these products actually produce results each time. When it comes to selecting the right tool, there are a few things to look out for before spending your hard-earned money.

Attachments/Ease of Changing Heads: if you are trying to remove nasal hair, you might also be in the market to remove ear hair. Instead of buying separate products to take care of each task, one of the best nose hair trimmers would also include attachments to cut your ear hair as well.

The next thing you will want to consider with this feature is how easy or hard it is to change the attachments. Most models feature an easy turn system that allows for easy changing between head, while other models have a much more difficult system.

Trimming Ability: This feature should be given special attention above any other factors. Ensure that the hair trimmer you wish to buy has the ability to cut your excess hairs safely, easily and conveniently. There are trimmers that come pretty expensive and others are cheaper, however, note that best hair trimmers aren’t determined by price alone. Nose trimmers are designed to cut nasal hair, so ensure that the product you intend to buy can satisfactorily trim your nose leaving you with a cleaner nose and for hairs not to grow quicker.

Quality: for proven results, many users have discovered that good results come from quality purchases. And what is quality purchase? This is a nasal hair trimmer that can be bought with a price along with excellent features designed for durable and reliable trimming performance. Thus, it is important to consider buying a nose trimmer that comes with quality brand.

Multipurpose Blades: nose hair trimmers can do much more than just plucking unsightly nasal hair. There are a good number of multipurpose trimmers that can trim your ear, hair, beard as well as moustaches. A prominent sign of best hair trimmers is the ease of quickly tweaking the attachments it offers.

Safety Element: at all expense, do not compromise safety when buying a nose hair trimmer. Choose one that possesses safety features. If wrongly handled, a humble tool such as your nasal trimmer can cause a mess. Consider one that has blade protectors to protect your skin against direct contact from the blade.

You are guaranteed not to cut the fragile membrane of your skin or risk being vulnerable to any form of inflammation, irritation or allergies. If you go for a higher-end product, keep an eye for a blade protector with aloe vera coating that goes gentle on your skin.

Price: normally, top quality brands of nose hair trimmers would cost around $30-$40. Almost a majority of trimmers within this price range is proven to render better results than cheaper ones. best nose trimmers perform quality trimming jobs which people necessarily need in getting rid of those gross-looking hairs.

Battery: if you decide to purchase a battery-operated device, make sure you purchase one that offers long-lasting battery life. Poor batteries require charging in very half an hour. You have to charge the batteries every time you intend to use the trimmer (God help you if you get late to work).

Best nose hair trimmers are equipped with special batteries, capable of running for as long as 80 minutes for smooth and hitch-free grooming. On the contrary, most nose trimmers require the use of AA or AAA batteries (or in some cases, none at all), which for some, can be helpful or cause problems when the battery runs dry on a road trip far away from home.

Vacuum: An in-built vacuum is an additional feature you shouldn’t overlook if you want to get rid of excess stray hairs inside the nostrils. This particular feature makes cutting excess hair along with long strands quick and stress-free for anyone not familiar with trimmers.

Ease of Travel: the business man that travels a lot always need to worry about making sure their appearance is always up to par with and the likes. A cool and compact multipurpose trimmer can be your prefect grooming accompaniment when you are on the go. Choose a product that comes with a water-proof travel case for stashing vital accessories like the attachments, extra batteries, and the likes.

The Best Nose Hair Trimmers Available

There are varieties of nose trimmers for men that will do a quality job of keeping your nasal hair perfectly groomed for a very long period of time. What are five of the best for trimming nose hairs?

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair Trimmer

Panasonic’s collection of unisex grooming kits has been fabulous since time immemorial. One of such is the ER-GN30-K series. This trimming device is a great alternative to our trimming needs. It provides exceptional trimming services because it is designed with exciting features. One of these features is the fast and safe revolutionary rotary cutting system which reduces the chances of cutting yourself.

Likewise, the Panasonic ER-GN-30-K offers the easiest way of cleaning the device even with one hand through Vortex cleaning system. What additionally makes this device one of the best nose trimmers on the market is the AA battery that works for 90 awesome minutes at a stretch. Also included in its amazing features are: sleek ergonomic design and dual edge hypoallergenic 60 degree blade ensures to cut without pulling or tugging.

Thanks to its low vibration operation, GN30 helps you maintain stability while dealing with something as sensitive as nasal skin. Apart from nasal hair removal, its other functions include facial hair and ear hair trimming. In the package, you’ll also find a protective cap and a cleaning brush to make the entire process stress-free.

Although this device is affordable (sells for around $10 dollars on Amazon), buyers say the head gets hot, and after a few uses, the springs inside it bursts out and pushes the blade harshly against the tip end, causing it to make a grinding noise which wears out the battery and motor.

Phillips Norelco NT9130 D-Finer Precision Trimmer

The Phillips Norelco name is one of the most trusted brands for men around the world when it comes to eliminating unwanted hair from any part of the body. They produce some of the best electronic beard trimmers on the market; and with the NT9130 D-Finer Precision trimmer, have one of the best and most affordable hair trimmers you could get. The versatility of this nose trimmer is what makes it unique from other models.

It can be used to cut your nose hair, ear hair, eyebrows and has a separate attachment that can be used to clean up your goatee or beard. The one thing that Phillips boasts about on this packaging of this bad boy is that it features unique technology that absolutely guarantees not to pull your hair. For any man who has gone through the hassle of pulling nasal hair which is quite painful, just imagine the amount of pain when done with an electronic device.

The blades on this device are also exceptional. The trimmer attachment for your nose, ear and eyebrows are extremely sharp and that is why the manufacturers guaranteed that your hair won’t be pulled out. The blades on the sharper attachment are skin-friendly and allow you to trim your facial hair in whatever design or pattern you like. With the NT9130, you won’t have to worry about water ruining the trimming process.

Even with a little water, the unit was made with a soft touch runner grip that allows you to keep your hands where they need to be. The package also comes with a deluxe storage case that allows you to keep your trimmer neatly organized and makes it easy for travelling. This unit runs off a single AA battery and can be used wet or dry.

For those worried about cutting or nicking their skin, there is a guarded system on the trimmer that will protect your skin. This unique device sells for around $60 on Amazon. While getting positive reviews from most buyers, most buyers however lamented that the device broke down after 2months of use and that the trimmer head will not stay on the handle. Instead, it falls off and has to be taped onto the handle.

Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose Trimmer

This device is one of the best nose trimmers on the market today. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they offer an unconditional lifetime warranty which doesn’t come with other models. The lifetime warranty ensures that you will never need to buy another trimmer again. This device is one of the smallest on the market at 3.1 x 0.5 x3.1 inches and weighs just 1.4 ounces.

The Platinum XL doesn’t run on battery and is turned on by simply rotating the bottom handle. This means that you will need both hands to operate it, but it is a simple process that involves holding the unit with one hand and rotating the handle with the other.

What makes this product so unique is that the unit is durable and designed to last long. When it comes to storage, the Platinum XL doesn’t come with a deluxe storage like the Phillips Norelco NT9130; however, it comes with a clear plastic tube that can be used for storage. With this model being so small, you don’t need to worry about finding a place to pack the trimmer, as it can easily be carried in your laptop-bag, carry-on, jacket and even your pocket.

For men that travel too often and need to maintain their appearance, this is the easiest model when it comes to keeping your device maintained. You don’t need to worry about battery dying, packing extra AA or AAA batteries or the need for the AC adaptor to charge it in the wall anymore. The Groom Mate trimmer is made with corrosion-proof stainless steel and has an ultra-sleek design.

Since the product is made with corrosion-proof materials and doesn’t use any electrical components, you can use it in wet and dry conditions. To clean it, simply run it under warm water. This device sells for about $20 on Amazon. While some customers have complained about the product tugging their hair too much, it is recommended that you rotate the handle a little faster. This should give the nose trimmer a little more power to cut and not to pull.

Panasonic R430K Vacuum Trimmer

Having to worry about cleaning up any loose hair around the bathroom is over. With the Panasonic R430K Vacuum Trimmer, shaving becomes a no-mess activity. This device is quite affordable at around $24 dollars on Amazon and it’s worth the money. To begin with, let’s talk about the vacuum feature included in this amazing device. With most nose trimmers, most of the nasal hairs remain in your nose until you blow them out with probably a tissue.

That’s not much a problem or issue for most people, however, when you talk about comfort and convenience merged together in one package, its no other than the Panasonic R430K vacuum trimmer. While you are using this device, the vacuum is sucking up the hairs into a collection chamber, which captures most of the loose hairs in your nose. With this feature, this device makes it into the list of best nose trimmer for men as it makes trimming a very simple process.

Another great feature of this Panasonic trimmer is the ability for people to use it in wet or dry conditions. This means you can trim your nose hairs in the shower before you bath or in the sink. The wet and dry feature also allows for easy cleaning. You simply rinse off any hair that still remains in the blade under the tap, and your trimmer is still good to go. The blades and motor of this device is considered as one of the best on the market today.

The unit has a 60-degree dual-edge hypoallergenic blade that will smoothly cut through your hairs and not pull them out. Also, a safety cone is featured which guides the hair into the blades making it eliminate the risk of having injury on your skin.

To operate this trimmer, you will need one AA battery. However, some buyers on Amazon complained that the unit didn’t trim their nasal hair as expected, fails to operate when turned on and the blades doesn’t allow for close trimming.

Remington NE3550 Rotary

Designed with hypoallergenic and self-sharpening blades, this trimming device from Remington is one of the best nose trimmers on the market today. It renders versatility of function which is perfect for not only cutting nose hairs, but also works for moustaches, beards, eyebrows and the ear. Also featured in this amazing device are the linear and rotary head attachments.

With its smaller size, you can carry it wherever you go and have your trimming needs attended to anytime, anywhere. However, this device is pretty expensive as it sells for about $100 dollars on Amazon. A user also complained that the cylindrical head of the device takes a lot of positioning to get it to cut the nasal hair.

There you have your list of the top-rated nose trimming devices in the market today. Having the best nose trimmer can save you from a lot of embarrassment and unpleasant look that is caused by excess hair protruding from your nose. Choosing the best among the multitude of devices in the market can be really daunting.

The above products are short-listed based on their trimming ability, customer reviews, features and overall versatility to help you get the maximum result from your purchase. As much as you might be tempted to opt for cheap trimmers, it’s better to settle for a mid-range tool for regular use which contains a number of additional accessories that will make trimming a breeze for you.

And do not forget to properly take care of your trimmers after purchase. I’m sure you don’t intend to buy another unit pretty soon. I hope this review helps you to decide which of the best nose hair trimmers listed above to go for.

As an additional bonus, let me take you through the process of trimming your nose hair with your trimmer.

How to Use a Trimmer the right way

Like shaving, nose hair trimming also has its own guidelines.

Read carefully: before you use your device, make sure that you read the instruction manual carefully to avoid injury and achieve the best results.
To start with, pick an area with good lighting: this will ensure that you see what you are doing when you start trimming your nose.
Set up a magnifying mirror: this provides better close-ups to see what areas need the most trimming. A standard mirror will do the job, but it might need you to lean in more for additional views.
Clean out your nose: since it can get tricky up there, get rid of all the debris in there. It’s optional, but for people uncomfortable with the buzzing effects of the trimmer, this will be less impacted.
Separate nose hair: to do this, take a wet cloth or napkin to spread out the hairs for seamless cutting.
Tilt your head back and carefully insert the nose trimmer: the trimmer should fit easily and never be forced inside your nasal canal. Nose trimmers are designed to be safely inserted into your nose. The blades are covered so they will never touch the sensitive skin. Never insert the trimmer deeply into your nose.

The main aim is to trim the hairs peeking out below your nose. To trim, start at the lower hairs first till they are no longer visible.to help expand your outlook and show other areas in need of trimming, push up your nose with your finger.

Do not over trim: know that nose hairs are actually part of your natural immune system and they help trap airborne substances (bacteria, dust, etc.). Thus, over trimming these hair fibers can leave you vulnerable to allergies and other respiratory infections. So as much as you desire to remove every inch of hair, it’s strongly advised that you don’t.
Clean the trimmer when you are finished: always clean your trimmer with some form of antiseptic. Rubbing alcohol or soap and water will do just the job. This will help keep your nose germ-free. Then dry to prevent any rust.
Relieve the pain: incase trimming your nose hair was painful, try sticking an ice cube or cold wet rag up your nostril to numb the pain.

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