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Best Shaving Cream for Men 2016:In Depth Review

Moment of truth: beards are divine and every real man shaves. As a result, shaving is part of a daily ritual for most men. It doesn’t matter if your beard is long and you have a mustache as well- you can’t avoid shaving- at least you need to keep your beard and mustache in shape.That’s why we created best shaving cream list for you.

Shaving creams are products you apply on your face before you shave. They prepare your skin for the shave. Some of the shaving creams moisturize your skin protecting them from the razor as razors could irritate your skin and a cream helps prevent that to a great extent.

Also, the rich lather than they form makes it easier for the razor to glide along the face which would not be possible if you use razor on bare skin. Furthermore, creams help you give a smooth and close shave giving you a clear face.

And any professional barber will tell you a shaving cream is needed to have a great shave. The great news is you don’t need to go to a barber to get a great shave, with the right tools and proper technique you can have a world class shave right in the comfort of your home.

The best shaving creams will give you a full, rich lather so that if you’re a greenhorn in using a folding pocket knife on your stubble, it will still make your hairs stand on end. A good shaving cream is soothing and enhances every step of the shaving ritual. A good shave gives you a face as fresh as a baby’s making you a magnet to all good things.

However, you don’t just choose a shaving cream. There are things you have to know, features you have to consider before splashing your money on a product.

What to consider before buying a Shaving Cream

A good shaving cream will give you a close, comfortable shave no matter how thick your beard or mustache is. Understanding what people are saying about the cream and checking whether the lather generated is foamy and rich enough, will be a good way of gauging this. The thicker the lather, the smoother the shave is.

Ingredients: One of the ways to ensure your shaving cream will work well for you is to take a look at its contents. You do not want too much perfume coming out of your cream. It should instead be rich with natural ingredients such as aloe vera, maca root, sandalwood, and others. These elements not only provide you with a mild perfume, but are also healthy for your skin.

Another thing to look at is if it has any essential oils in it, ingredients like Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Cypress, Lemon, Lime and Peppermint. If you have sensitive skin, make sure it has Aloe Vera in it because it has very good antiseptic properties. Stay clear of products with chemicals, dyes or petrochemicals such as paraffin, mineral oil or petroleum. They can cause irritation, they clog the pores on your skin and worst of all can result to dizziness or give you allergies.

Slickness: This is probably the most important criteria to consider before buying a shaving cream. Even if a shaving cream doesn’t build any lather, it should be slick on your face. Slickness is the premier reason the razor blade glides on your face without getting stuck. If your razor gets stuck while shaving, there’s a high risk of you getting a razor burn.

Ease of application: Choose something that’s easy to apply either by hand or by a shaving brush. It also should work with soft or hard water.

How long-lasting the shaving cream: Shaving creams are usually used daily and some of them are quite expensive. You do not want your creams to run out quickly. It is extremely important that you get value for your money. That’s why you must always check whether your shaving cream is long-lasting.

Scent: This depends on your personal preference but ensure that the scent is sourced from organic or natural materials. Menthol and eucalyptus are commonly used to scent shaving creams. This is because of the very fresh and cool sensation that they produce.

Availability: This won’t be an issue if you buy shaving creams from big companies. However if the opposite is the case, do a little research on the company to know where you can easily get it. This is important especially if you like experimenting with artisans that don’t do mass productions.

It could be frustrating if you buy one product and you like it and then you’re not able to get it again due to limited production. Do your research before you buying the product.

Performance: Two things to look for in a shaving cream – its lubricating ability and a thick lather, some of the best performing shaving creams will have the right balance of these characteristics. These two characteristics will give your face the protection it needs when you shave.

Post shave – You’d want a shaving cream with a moisturizing effect after you wash it off as it leaves a layer of protection, particularly needed if you have dry or sensitive skin.

Price: Compare the features and prices of different best shaving creams along with the quantity of cream contained in the bottle. Another useful step would be to take a look through all the shaving creams for sale options, so you do not miss out on discounts and offers

What is the Best Shaving Cream for a Man’s Face?

There are so many brands manufacturing shaving creams, some are quite old while some are fairly new. Here’s a little something on some of the best shaving creams available today. This little nugget of information will surely help you in making your decision.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

The famous shaving cream brand, Taylor of Old Bond Street, is proud to bring their wide range of shaving creams so you can pick the color and ingredient of your choice. From the exotic scented sandalwood, to rich almond and coconut, to the beautifully fragrant lavender, rose, to refreshing lime and peppermint, you get them all here.

This best shaving cream comes along with a bowl which makes for easy lathering. It moisturizes your skin leaving it smooth and fresh. This top shaving cream lathers up real nice, and a little quantity is enough to give you super rich lather. It works particularly well with synthetic shaving brushes. Compared to other creams, it takes a bit longer for the lather to build up.

Apparently, it needs a little bit more water to build the later but this depends on the hardness of water and how much water you usually use to lather when shaving. So, test the lather before you apply it to your face and add a little bit of water more to make it perfect. You can throw in some glycerin to give the lather more slickness.

Overall, this shaving cream is great for all skin types and you can use it with all kinds of shaving brushes. However, there are some downsides- it contains some chemicals and it isn’t as thick as other high-end shaving creams. You can get it online on Amazon for about $13.

Proraso Shaving Cream, Refreshing and Toning, 5.2 oz (150 ml)

Proraso brand has been a best seller in shaving cream in Italy for long time. This is the new developed formula still contains coconut oil, eucalyptus and menthol.Moreover, the new formula doesn’t include SLS or parabens which may cause cancer and skin irritation according to the researches.
Proraso shaving cream is suitable for every type of skin or beard. Eucalyptus oil helps you tone and purify your skin and facial hair, while menthol cools, refreshes and revitalizes.We assure you that you will not regret using this great product. It has one of the greatist positive review in many websites including AMAZON. In our selection, Proraso will take its place in best shaving cream list definitely.

Truefitt and Hill Shave Cream Tub-Trafalgar, 6.7Oz

Truefitt & Hill is actually a barbershop before it became a manufacturer. In fact the Guinness Book of Records certified it as the oldest barbershop in the world. Their shaving creams are glycerin based, meaning they work well on sensitive skins. However some reviews say that the cream dries out fast and one may need to add more glycerin to shave okay.

It does contain some parabens so that could be an issue for you. It is a glycerin based cream, so expect a slicker shave such that you can feel the difference between the second and the third pass. It also hydrates and lubricates- benefits you’d appreciate. This product gives you a great, close and comfortable shave. It comes with a spicy and woody fragrance as well.

Buyers say the scents are perfect and that the cream lathers really well in a scuttle. It is worth the money, and these tubs last forever. You do not need a lot and can lather on your face, in a scuttle, in a mug, in your hand, etc. You won’t be disappointed. It’s the scent that makes this shaving cream very unique and men who like old, traditional scents would appreciate it the most. It sells for $30 on Amazon.com.

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream Sandalwood 150g

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream is under the Gillette brand of Procter and Gamble. It goes for around $25 is extremely effective. It lifts beard hairs for a close, comfortable shave, and at the same time prevents the skin from being irritated or having a razor burn. It is produced with glycerin, coconut oil and other essential oils. According to its maker, it “leaves your skin smooth and moisturized.”

You can use a shaving brush to lather it or your fingers if you prefer. The Art of Shaving products are Aromatherapy-based, and are scented with 100% pure essential oils which have therapeutic skin benefits. They are also specifically blended for a wide range of skin types.

This shaving cream isn’t the first in trying to pamper men’s face but it is among the best. It works well on any type of skin. The sandalwood oils in it revitalize normal or dry skin better than others who have enough oil in them already.

This cream can be used with or without a brush, but you might want to use a brush to get better results. This gives you a closer shave with less irritation. You might want to use a good shaving brush- one with an above-average moisture transference so your skin can get that fresh feeling.

Sandalwood has a natural and decidedly masculine aroma. So after a good shave, you will have a hint of woody scent on your skin without the addition of caustic perfumes which usually cause irritation and clog skin pores. This product has however taken on a lighter consistency than in the past, producing a lather that isn’t as stiff as before. This can take more money out of your pocket if you’re a frequent shaver.

Directions for Use: To get the best results, it is recommended that you

  • Shave while showering or immediately afterwards.
  • lather up The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream with hot water using a shaving brush or your fingers
  • Shave with the grain, following the growth direction of whiskers.
  • Repeat the lathering process for a closer shave.
  • Don’t forget to shave lightly against or across the grain.
  • When you’re done, rinse your face with cold water, pat dry and then apply After-Shave Balm or Gel.

Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream 16oz Pear Berry 2 Pack

This American-made Coochy Rash Free Shave Crème Slick Chic Pear Berry is a provocative medley of sweet danjou pear and luscious summer berries. It is paraben-free, sugar-free, and sulfate-free as its main ingredients are original hair and skin softening agents which is aimed at giving you a smooth, rash-free shave.

The Jojoba seed oil in it is good for skin lubrication and moisturizing. The Panthenol Pro-Vitamin B5 acts as a nutrient for your skin while the Allantoin is an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant agent. The last major ingredient is Hydrolyzed keratin protein which conditions your skin and hair simultaneously.

This creme saves you from embarrassing shave bumps and ingrown hairs. It protects your skin during shaving and provides a smooth, moisturizing shave too.

This Coochy Shave Creme softens even the coarsest of your body hairs. It is perfect for intimate shaving and you can use it on other parts of your body- legs and underarms included. This shaving cream is also animal-testing free and goes on smooth on your skin, making if feel softer than the regular shaving cream.

It is also suitable for people with dark coarse hairs. However, some buyers complained that the pumps on it doesn’t work. So get ready pour it out before using it, just in case. It sells for about $22 on Amazon.com.

How to Use a Shaving Cream

Simply put, by using a shaving cream, men make the actual process of shaving smooth and easier by ensuring that the skin is well-lubricated to allow the razor to slide over the skin. This lubrication offers many advantages: a smoother shave, less chances of razor burn or any irritation. You can make the best use of a shaving cream by following these easy steps:

Soak the Shaving Brush: When preparing for a shave, your shaving brush should be soaking in warm water in your sink to get the bristles nice and soft. Alternatively, you could also hold the brush under hot running water for some time.

Wet The Bristle Hair: The next step requires that you get your beard (or moustache) ready for shaving. Have your facial hair saturated with warm water to make them soft and ready.

Apply Shaving Cream onto Brush: Depending on the thickness of your hair, apply the appropriate quantity of shaving cream onto the brush. Around three-quarters of an inch of cream does the trick in most cases.

Lather: Begin whipping your brush into the shaving mug in order to get the shaving cream into a rich lather. How much you need to whip will depend on the type of shaving cream you use, but you should be able to tell when the lather is ready, nonetheless!

Apply to Face: Once you have a rich lather, use the brush to apply it to your face evenly. The whole purpose of applying the cream (now lather) is to help in getting a smooth shave, so make sure you apply it thoroughly.

Using a Tub

The first is using your finger to pick up a small clump of shaving cream and load the shaving cream right in the middle. And then you can create lather on a bowl or directly on your face – it’s all up to you.

Second way is loading directly from the tub. Depending on the shaving cream you will use, you may need as little as a swirl to get enough shaving cream on the bristles and then proceed to lather up on your face or bowl, again it’s personal preference some men like to use a bowl others like to lather up directly on their face.

Using a Tube

If you’re using a tube, you can squeeze out an almond sized amount on a shaving bowl then proceed to lather it up. Just in case it doesn’t produce as much lather as you’d like to, you could add a few drops of water.

If you don’t have a shaving bowl, squeeze the shaving cream on your finger then proceed to put it in the middle of the shaving brush then lather up your face.

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