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The 5 Best Mouthwashes In 2017

No matter how much toothpaste you have made use of or even at times brushing twice a day, you just remain the still same person whose breath they can’t stand. Therefore you just need the best mouthwash as a remedy.

You will also be compelled to look for the best mouthwash as you just can’t do without your friends and colleagues not forgetting passionate relationships. Some men have been dumped for simply that unpleasant odor from their mouths by their partners. However, this article will be ready to avail you a solution in the form of the best mouthwash for you from the list below!

However, this article will be ready to avail you a solution in the form of the best mouthwash for you from the list below!

Before we get to grips with five of the best mouthwash brands on the market today and related information, we need to know what it really is a mouthwash, its benefits and possible side effects for your information.

So to kick start our discussion and be in agreement with your dentist. The simple truth is that having a mouthwash is a MUST for all adults as well as children aged from 6 years upwards. This is irrespective of your oral health. Thus, we have below any analysis of the best mouthwash brands to choose from that suit your needs. But never forget to brush your teeth and carry out flossing at least twice every day.

What Is Mouthwash and How Is It Used?

Mouthwash refers to a dental health liquid that you can passively hold, swish or swill in and around the mouth. Generally, it is an antiseptic solution that is dedicated to reduce the load of any microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or any other infectious organisms in the oral cavity.

Some call this oral cavity health liquid as mouth rinse, mouth bath or even oral rinse. You too have the privilege to name it the way that you want. As such for you to be fully able to choose the best mouthwash, you need to know how it is used.

Mostly, mouthwash is used in rinsing the mouth through gargling or swishing for a period of about 30 seconds and once done you spit it out. Just that as simple as ABC! Remember that you simply require about 2/3 fl oz or 20 ml of mouthwash. Some of the other precautions before and after use include these strict instructions to you the user:

  • Do not use mouthwash as soon as you have brushed your teeth, to maintain the benefits of fluoride found in the toothpaste.
  • Again, when you plan to use mouthwash, ensure that you do not rinse out the toothpaste using water, you must simply spit it out and not rinse..
  • When gargling make sure that you slightly tilt you head backwards and bubble the liquid at the back of your mouth.
  • To add on, make sure that you do not immediately drink water as soon as you are done using the mouthwash.
  • For best results and less distraction to others around you, do this privately preferably in a bathroom’s sink to easily rinse away the used liquid once spit.

Benefits of Using Mouthwash

You will be thrilled to note that there are several benefits of using mouthwash. Whenever you use mouthwash you will not just do a favor to your oral cavity but you are benefitting the whole mouth. This is indeed crucial especially when you want to come up with the choice of having the best mouthwash for use. Some of the most common benefits of using mouthwash include:

  • Improves the overall health of your mouth covering the teeth, gums as well as the tongue.
  • Freshens your breath and leaves you with a pleasant taste in your mouth.
  • Neutralizes acid in the mouth, keeping the mouth moist.
  • Essential in fighting against plaque.
  • Works against the instance of gingivitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding gums).
  • Protects against tooth decay.
  • Whitens teeth.
  • Soothes minor mouth injuries
  • Instrumental in fighting oral cancer (if you continue using it)
  • Prevents tartar and other periodontal disease
  • Treats halitosis(excessive bad breath)

٭ Even though the use of the mouthwashes is very beneficial against tooth decay – never substitute it for both tooth brushing and flossing(do these regularly if possible daily). Again, do go for regular checkups to make sure that your oral hygiene is in optimum condition.

Side Effects Associated with Mouthwash

In our quest to find the best mouthwash for you, we however, came across some side effects that are most common most mouthwashes on the market today. Some of these side effects associated with mouthwash include:

  • The disturbance of taste due to continued use.
  • Increases chances of tooth staining.
  • The sensation of a dry mouth
  • If the mouthwash contains alcohol – you get dry mouth and subsequently the worsening of halitosis.
  • Sometimes for those of us who are allergic to certain mouthwash ingredients, there are cases of soreness, ulceration or even redness may sometimes occur.
  • However, such a scenario can be addressed by adding some water to the mouthwash through dilution or changing the mouthwash completely.It should be noted however that despite these few side effects, the use of mouthwashes is highly encouraged as it’s largely beneficial to the health of your mouth. Though there are many brands, to choose from, we have managed to come up with the following list of 5 such best mouthwash brands for you to choose from:

A List of Top 5 Best Mouthwashes

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

This product accordingly is the most recommended mouthwash as well as most used by both dentists and patients respectively. Additionally, in most researches this is the brand that is put under scrutiny. Because of its triple action formula that is known to freshen breath, kill germs and leaving you with a fresh and clean mouth, many people make it their best mouthwash choice! On top of that, it is clinically proven and effective for about 12 hours in the prevention and reduction of plaques and subsequently gingivitis. You will also find it interesting that it instantly kills any germs in your mouth on contact thus reducing bad breath in the shortest possible time. It also comes with a great range of flavors for your convenience. As an antiseptic mouthwash, and if you use it continuously you reduce the chances of having gum disease.

(With its high quality and affordable price, listerine is my pick)

TheraBreath Dentist Recommended Fresh Breath Oral Rinse

This is a dedicated yet therapeutic oral rinse. For up to 24 hours it makes use of an oxygenating formula – OXYD-8 which spontaneously destroys disease-causing microorganisms in your mouth. This is also a durable remedy that consists of natural ingredients and the vegan population and diabetic people among others highly favor it. As the best seller among all the mouthwash brands, it is efficient as well in dealing with even the most severe case of halitosis, stopping any instances of dry mouth as well as foul morning breath.

The users have enjoyed this alcohol-free product that comes in a two pack package, as it addresses the root causes of bad breath. It suitably disables any problematic bacteria, giving the right pH hence not an irritant to your teeth too.

Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth Symptoms

For best results in cases of dry mouth, there is no other name in mouthwashes than Biotene Oral Rinse for Dry Mouth Symptoms. It is there to soothe your mouth by making use of its saliva substitute LP3 enzyme that is efficient in the prevention of tooth decay and any other oral diseases. Also for a whole day, this oral rinse eliminates halitosis, freshens your breath, heals any minor irritation and moisturizes your mouth. It is indeed the most recommended remedy for any dry mouth symptom, however, large or small and it guarantees you of that desired relief immediately. Who would not go for a mouthwash that is alcohol-free and when used in your mouth does not leave any stinging sensation?

ACT Restoring Mouthwash

ACT Restoring Mouthwash is approved by many dentists in the prevention of tooth decay and strengthening of enamel. Containing anti-cavity fluoride it also is sensitive to any soft spots in your mouth such as sore gums while freshening your breath. Ideal also for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

With a variety of flavors and formulas to choose from, it is also perfect and safe for use by all people from all ages.

SmartMouth Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Enjoy fresh breath for 12 hours with this product that comes loaded with two varied formulas that you will simply mix providing dual protection and freshness in your mouth. It is also safe for use for diabetics, free of alcohol, non-staining and can be used any time of the day!

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