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How To Grow A Thicker Beard!

A beard is a highly coveted adornment amongst men in our society. The reason it’s so highly coveted is quite simple; most men can’t grow a good beard because they do not know how to achieve it.!

Most influential and important men in the history of the world have beard in one style or another. It has been considered the ‘sign’ of manliness.

This rule has not changed for centuries. Still, men try to have it and have it good.

Myth: Shaving too much will grow your beard faster and thicker.
Truth: It is just the opposite. Shaving too much can damage the skin on a microscopic level. It is a myth that if you shave too much, you will have a thicker beard.

If you’re one of those people who is struggling to grow your beard to an optimal level of thickness, there are plenty of steps and preventative measures you can take to get your stubble to bubble!

So, what are the common problem you may face while growing beard?

Common problems that plague a beard grower are patchiness and itchiness, amongst many other issues. These two problems, however, are easily amended by measures taken from the beginning of the beard growing stage.

Again, these two problems really affect ‘beginners’. They are the reasons of why most beginners give up at early stages.

Patchy beard simply means that certain areas on our face tend to grow less hair than other.

There may be a lot of reason for that problem. But in this case, beard growing really boils down to genetics. Some cultures and ethnicities have historically been poor beard growers. If this is the case, there isn’t too much you can do in natural ways.

In this article , you can find more about patchy beard.

But this is not the end of the world. Hair transplant is always a good option to go with. With the improved FUE techniques, you might reach your fuller and thicker beard in short of 2 months.

These problems occur in first couple weeks. If you follow the steps below, you can decrease these ‘side effects’ to minimum.

So let’s go over them one by one.

Preliminary Steps of Beard Growth


You have to be commited to growing beard. It is a must. Like the most of the good things in the world, good things don’t happen overnight.

You need to be patient. The general rule for the duration of having a long beard is 4 weeks at least.

In meantime, you will face with lots of struggles. Itching, patchy beard, beardruff etc.Don’t give up the fight.

If you follow the steps below, you will suffer less in this period.

1-Diet matters

There are a ton of factors that inhibit proper beard growth. These factors vary but ultimately relate to how you take care of yourself.

If you want to grow a full beard, you’re going to have to treat your skin and your body like a newborn child!

If you stick to positive lifestyle and skincare choices, you’ll most likely end up avoiding patchy beard growth altogether.

First and foremost, diet is quite an important thing to take into consideration, if you want to grow a full beard. If you eat reasonably healthy food you’ll be alright. If you don’t, however, your beard and your skin might be at risk. A beard is hindered by an inadequate supply of various vitamins.

Many vitamins play an important role in beard growth and should be incorporated into your diet if you aren’t getting enough of them. If you want to know how to grow a thicker beard, start by consuming adequate amounts of Vitamins C, E, and B.

Vitamin-C is widely known for its amazing immune system support.

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2-Lifestyle Choices

There are three main lifestyle factors that can greatly influence a successfully grown beard.

If you want your beard to be successful from the beginning, you should stay away from nicotine, get adequate sleep, and live as stress-free (Funny) of a lifestyle as possible.

The nicotine in any form of tobacco greatly inhibits the ability of nutrients to be absorbed by your body, especially if you indulge in tobacco products on a frequent basis.

With this being said, patchy beard growth is the least of your worries if you consume tobacco products.

Another important factor that has a harmful effect on the growth of your beard is a lack of sleep. When you get inadequate sleep for prolonged periods of time, you’ll lose out on critical regenerative phases of your sleep cycle that can only be accessed by your body when it’s in deep sleep cycles.

These cycles are critical to the repair of damaged cells, particularly in areas such as your face. If you’re wondering how to grow a thicker beard, get a good night’s sleep, every night to get a good start!

Another issue that can prevent someone from growing a full beard is a high-stress lifestyle.

If you’re trying to grow a full beard but live a very stressful lifestyle then your best bet is to relax! Consider taking yoga classes or meditating.

Reduction of substances such as alcohol and nicotine has also proven to reduce daily stress. Sleep is another important factor in stress relief.

If you’re well-rested than you’ll be a lot more likely to stress less! Stress and lack of sleep can both play corresponding roles with respect to one another.

Both lifestyle factors and diet decision can vastly influence the growth of your beard, especially if you’re having trouble getting hair growth started. Diet and lifestyle both relate to one another.

It’s best to make the best decisions for both if you want to have the optimal foundation for fuller beard growth. Want to know how to grow a thicker beard from the beginning of the stubble?

Pay close attention to the vitamins you consume, the sleep you get, the nicotine you consume, and the stress you have in your life. Let’s move from the bigger picture to the smaller picture and focus on how to treat your skin while trying to grow a thicker beard.

3-Hormones-(Testosteron and Dihydrotestosterone)

Testosteron and DHT are other important factors for thicker beard. Some guys are naturally more lucky in terms of these hormones. You can see some men having really thick beard by doing actually nothing.

In this case, genetics takes place again. Metabolism of these lucky men produce more hormones than others.

You have probably seen some male transgender growing beard. They are treated with these synthehic hormones with injection and pill.

But, can you take these treatments too? The answer is yes. However, it comes with some side affects. They can prevent you own hormone production ending up taking the hormones artificially.

Luckly, There are some natural ways to increase Testosterone and DHT. Aside from the proper diets that trigger production of these hormones naturally, you can start working out, taking vitamins, and good lifestyle that mentioned above will signifactly increase for hormones.

Resistance work out will have positive affect on hormone production. Deadlifts, squats and back rows are good exercises for hormone growth.

Power workouts such as high-intensity sprints, squats, and power lifts are the best types of workouts for testosterone production. Long distance running and biking isn’t the best but is still effective. Another important thing to be aware of is stress, and how it impacts the growth of your beard.

We touched on this earlier, and it has the same effects as it would have in the initial stages of your beard’s development. Stress produces a chemical called cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

This hormone impacts the production of a wide variety of chemicals in your body, testosterone being one of them. When you stress, you cut testosterone, which is a key factor when it comes to beard growth.

4-Proper Skin Care

Proper skin care is important for beard growth, that’s a no-brainer. Proper skin care extends to more than simply keeping your face clean, however. There are many other steps and small measures one can take to ensure the hair your face is growing properly.

Firstly, limit the itching. Itching usually begins after an area on the face is left unshaved for about three weeks. The itching is usually the one thing that prevents men from continuing growth, as it can become quite unbearable.

Itching can be detrimental to the growth of your beard and can cause your follicles to become clogged. It must be prevented because of this.

Prevent beard itch by doing three things: wash your facial hair, condition your beard, and use beard oil or an adequate beard moisturizer. Washing your facial hair is important for not only preventing beard itch but preventing malicious conditions from forming, such as beard dandruff.

Conditioning your beard is important to rid your face of harsh chemicals often found in soaps and beard shampoos. Beard oil is one of the most important and underrated factors in beard maintenance; it acts as both a stimulant for the beard’s production of oils and a facial moisturizer.

All three of these tactics can both stop itching and provide your face and facial hair with healthy and fortuitous benefits. Another factor that can cause patchy beard growth and impede the ability of your skin to successfully grow a fuller set of facial hair is hand-to-face contact.

This sounds strange, but consider how many times your hands and fingers touch the surface of a doorknob, a toilet, or a dirty faucet.

All of these surfaces contain huge amounts of bacteria and toxins likely to not only cause your face and beard to itch but to cause acne and other forms of facial breakouts to occur. Limit habits such as chewing lips, fingernail biting, and rubbing your face.

Maximize your beard growth by keeping your hands and fingers out of your face and mouth! Takeaway from this section: Beard growth can largely be inhibited by itching and other facial maladies.

It’s important to partake in measures that allow your face to be as clean and itch free as possible, both during and before the beard-growing process.

If you’re serious about wanting to know how to grow a thicker beard or how to grow a beard in general, keep your hands and fingers away from your face and don’t even contemplate itching!

So you’ve made it reasonably far. You watch what you eat, you make great lifestyle choices, and you take care of both your facial skin and facial hair.

You’ve waited the tantalizing four weeks of untamed beard growth and now your patchy beard is starting to fill in. What should you do next? Here’s a look at how you should properly groom your beard, for ultimate beard growth.

5-Beard Maintenance for a Full Beard

Depending on your appearance goals, you can let your beard grow out or you can sculpt it. Regardless of what your goals are, you’re going to want to pay attention to a few things if you want your beard to keep growing successfully or if you want to know how to grow a thicker beard.

Products like beard balm and beard oil are must have products for every beards men.After you reach at the point of length that you are satisfied with, you should keep using oils and proper products mainly created for maintanence.


Beard Growth is influenced by a number of different things. For many men wondering how to grow a beard or thicken it, it boils down to several things: lifestyle factors, eating habits, and facial care.

All of these play a huge role when it comes to beard growth, but can also play a huge role in the maintenance of your beard, after it’s fully grown.

If you’re having trouble with your beard or wondering for thicker beard, odds are that you might not be incorporating proper food into your diet. You also might not be getting enough sleep, or you might be smoking a lot. All of these play an important role when it comes to it.

Once you’ve grown a beard that’s not too patchy, maintenance is crucial. This maintenance is important for both your face and your beard; both play equally important roles when it comes to how your beard looks and feels.

Beard growth, because of this, must be monitored both before and after it starts to grow. You can’t expect it to nourish itself once it’s manifested itself on your face!

In summary, for those who are curious about how to grow a thicker beard once it’s grown onto your face, you’ll need to pay attention to your diet and exercise patterns, lifestyle factors, and skin care factors both before and during the beard-growing process.

If these are all taken seriously, you’ll be sure to experience optimum beard growth!

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Growing it to a reasonable thickness, however, is always a challenge. For many men in our world today, beard growing really boils down to genetics.

Some cultures and ethnicities have historically been poor beard growers. If this is the case, there isn’t too much you can do.

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