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What Are The Ways To Straighten Curly Beard?

A human’s hairstyle can say a lot about who they are. It can speak volumes about their personality, interests, and social group or groups. A beard can also do the same thing. The style and design of a beard can often say a lot about a person.

Sometimes, however, a person’s beard can be styled in a curly manner, even without them trying. Curly hair runs in the family. It’s often unavoidable.

Inevitably, a person can also have curly beard hair. Although curly beard hair may seem like a neat style, it can often look funny or quirky. Many people seek to straighten their beard, because of this.

Straightening a beard isn’t something that’s often thought of. Light needs to be shed on the subject, because of this.

Here’s a look at curly beards and how to straighten curly beard hairs, for those who are at their wit’s end with their curly beards. We’ll look at some background information on what makes a curly beard a curly beard.

Afterward, we’ll have a glance at the three primary types of straightening procedures. Take a breath and learn all about this endeavor!

Overview of Curly Beards

A curly beard can look quite out of control! It can look frizzy, poorly-kept, and uncombed. Even if you groom your beard well, curly hair can still make it look awful! Here’s a look at a few reasons why curly beard exists.

The shape of your hair follicles plays the biggest role in deciding whether or not your facial hair will be curly. There are two types of hair follicles, symmetrical and asymmetrical. Symmetrical hair follicles produce a type of hair that’s flat when they’re grown out.

The other type of follicle, asymmetrical, produces circular hairs. This type of hair grows increasingly curvier upon growing longer. Although curly beards can sometimes be unnoticeable at shorter lengths, longer beards with curly hair can certainly stand out.

You might want to straighten curly beard hair if you’re concerned about the way your hair may look if it’s grown out to a longer length. There are three main types of straightening procedures that you might perform to straighten curly beard hair.

Let’s take a look at the procedures for each type of hair straightening method!

Time to Straighten Your Beard!

The first way to straighten your beard is called natural beard straightening. This simply means that you’re straightening your hair by the means of a natural oil or process that doesn’t include the use of any mechanical or electrical tools, chemicals, or professional help.

There are a number of ways to competently and successfully perform this method of beard straightening. Bear in mind that some types of beard hair may just be stubborn! You might have to ultimately have a professional straighten your curly beard hair.

Naturally Straighten Curly Beard Hair

A helpful thing to know about natural beard hair straightening is that it’s a day to day process. Don’t get upset with yourself or your precious beard if it doesn’t get straighter overnight! It’s a steady process if you want to do it without a straightener or professional help.

First and foremost, you’re going to want to separate yourself from harsh shampoos and other similar chemicals. These types of chemicals and mixtures leave your hair prone to developing split ends.

This will contradict your efforts to straighten your curly hair. Instead of shampoos and chemicals, use soaps and conditioners that are made for use on your beard. If you do this, you won’t lose any of the natural oils that are important to your beards health and fullness.

The process of naturally straightening your beard extends to a variety of different processes. This also includes drying. Make sure that instead of vigorously drying your beard, you mildly rub your beard. This will ultimately prevent damage to your beard after washing.

Wet hair is much weaker than dry hair! We have what it takes to wash and dry a beard for straightness, now we need to know the tools required for natural straightening. You’ll need a well-made beard brush, some form of silicone cream, and a hair-dryer.

After you’ve adequately conditioned your hair and gently dried it, take the silicone cream and softly massage it into your beard.

Once it’s completely worked in, take your beard brush in one your dominant hand and your blow dryer in the other hand. Blow dry the silicone into your beard while brushing it. The silicone will keep your beard straight, all day!

You might have to do this every day for a while. If you dedicate yourself to it, however, it’s worth it! Make sure that the air you blow from the blow dryer isn’t hot, which can ultimately weaken your hair.

Don’t forget to consistently oil your beard at the most opportune time each day! Beard oil is the foundation of proper beard care.

Chemical Beard Straightening

If you don’t trust yourself and have a professional straighten your curly beard, you most likely will undergo some form of chemical straightening.

This type of straightening makes use of harsh chemicals that could damage or severely burn your skin if they make contact with it.

For this reason, alone, it’s wise to not apply these chemicals yourself, even if you’re a confident self-straightener. You could cause your face and your skin some serious harm!

Mechanical Straightening

If you’re at your wit’s end trying to straighten curly beard hair, you’re going to want to consider using a tool such as hair straightener to straighten your beard. While heat can damage your beard hair, you’ll be fine if you quickly apply a layer of beard oil to your beard after you use the hair straightener.

Don’t just use your mom or wife’s straightener, however. You’re going to want to do some shopping on your own!

Make sure you get a straightener that’s petite enough to give you some wiggle room to work with.

Otherwise, you’ll be fiddling around with a bulky tool that may burn your face or your hair. It’s no fun when you have to shave your beard because of a mistake involving heat! If you need to straighten curly beard hair but can’t get it to work via conventional straightening methods, you’ll need to get a hair straightener. It may seem excessive, but it’s a working method.

Here’s an overview of the three straightening procedures! Natural straightening is the easiest but longest way to see straighter hair on your face. Start by using proper conditioner or beard specific soap and drying your beard lightly.

Proceed to apply a layer of silicone throughout the beard. Right after this, brush with a beard comb while simultaneously blow drying the beard. Do this on a daily basis for a gradual but effective result!

The second method or chemical straightening is performed by a professional. It’s usually accomplished through the means of heavy or dangerous chemicals that should only be applied with the proper training.

The third method is known as mechanical. It’s simply the administration of drying procedures through the means of a device such as a straightener.


A beard is a highly-coveted facial feature, in the world of men. The reason for this being is because it’s not easy to grow. While many men are more than well-equipped with the beginnings of facial hair, they often can’t keep facial hair well-grown because they don’t pay attention to the way they eat or how they hydrate.

If you are one of the lucky men that is able to grow an excellent piece of facial hair, you might end up with a bed of hair on your face that’s curly and spreads in every direction, off your face. While this may be appealing to some men, most men prefer a clean looking beard that’s reasonably straight.

Sometimes, we can’t do anything about the curliness of our beards. Curly hair is largely due to genetics. With respect to facial hair, it’s due to the type of hair follicles present on your face. This is due to the specific structure of keratin in the skin cell.

For those looking to get rid of curly beard hair, however, there is hope! There are plenty of reasonable methods that can restore your beard to a well-tamed state. These methods come in both gradual and fast formats, as far as results are concerned.

A fast method would be straightening your beard with a hair straightener. A gradual method would be applying certain treatments to your beard on a daily basis.

No matter what you do, if you’re trying to straighten curly beard hair, there’s most likely a solution out there for you!

Tame your facial hair and have a beard that a Viking would envy, with the aforementioned tips on how to straighten your curly facial hair!

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