3 Apr

Where You Can Go With Moscow Escort Girl

Moscow is known as the lively city and it is full of the places you may want to visit and things to see. They start from Kremlins with other places where you can go for sightseeing and shopping.

The sprawling city of Moscow is full of the contemporary and historical sites. If you visit the city and you want to see everything it has to offer, then it is time to hire an escort and she will be happy and willing to show you around. In this city, you can go to shop, to engage into different cultural activities. You may also want to see what the city has to offer.

• The Kremlin

The Kremlins found in Moscow, is the oldest place in the city and it is meant to symbolize the entire Russia. It is a cultural sight and the Russian state’s center. This is where the President lives. The Kremlin with the nearby Red Square, they were included in the UNESCO worldwide heritage.

There are museums in the Kremlin like Cathedral of the Annunciation, Armory Chamber, Cathedral of the Assumption and Cathedral of the Archangel among others.

• Bolshoi Theatre

This is the famous theater in the city and the theatre shows up to 3-4 operas with up to 3 ballets every year. They focus more on the classical masterpiece from well known composers like Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Verdi and Mozart. The Russian ballet is famous and it is an important part in Russian culture.

• St Basil’s Cathedral

This is a cathedral found at the opposite site of Red Square’s Voskresenky Gate. It had been built when Tsar Ivan IV The Terrible was the ruler and it was in the honor of conquering Kazan Khanate. It is said that after finishing the Cathedral, Ivan asked to blind the architects so that they will not be able to build something such beautiful at any other place. Even if there is a gruesome story behind it, the architectural in itself is a masterpiece and it consists of nine alters, which are spread on a single foundation.

• GUM department store

The GUM is a type of huge shopping center and it is among the largest in the city of Europe. It is a famous place where you can shop, but it is also known because of its architecture. It is found at the Red Square and this is the first part which got built in the year 1812 and it was under Alexander I. The shop sells luxurious style like Burberry, Hugo Boss, Dior and Louis Vuitton.

• Kuskovo Estate

You can also take your Moscow escort to Kuskovo Estate. This is the city which is the representative to the typical Russian estate architecture. It looks magnificent with large ponds and large park. The estate is the ideal place where you can visit if you want to enjoy day out.

In the past, Kuskovo was hosting large parties two times every week for many well known guests like Empress Catherine II of Russia and other State owners. The state was built with the combination of the classicism and baroque.

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