28 Feb

What Are Some Self Care and Grooming Mistakes That You Do All The Time?

It’s that time for the dinner, meeting or even to go to work again. Yes, you have taken your bath, put on some clothes, cologne or deodorant – surely looking your best; but are you ready to go?

Whatever occasion it is you just can safely say that you have done your best, but check yourself again, is it good enough?

Grooming itself being part of a daily routine that we all have learned over a long period of time, you ought to apply those childhood traits that your mama taught you. Maybe you have forgotten or have grown older and much lazier.

However case it may be, there is no excuse in committing those grooming mistakes now and again.

Some of these grooming mistakes arise from sticking to some non-beneficial lifestyles as well as being adamant to change for better – you are an old dog who just can’t learn new tricks .

Well, we came up with a list of 10 of some of the most common grooming mistakes that you as men do all the time, in no particular order:

1. Not moisturizing your face

Often regarded as a ladies’ thing, putting on some moisturizing cream or oil is NEVER on the agenda of most guys. Just imagine having rugged, wrinkled and broken skin on your face at your young age…
Of course you cannot stand it! But if you make it a habit of applying some moisturizer on your face regularly not only will your skin benefit but your facial hair too! Forget the “a real man doesn’t moisturize” myth and make your facial skin happy.

2. Not drinking sufficient amounts water

Water, water and water. I can’t emphasise the importance of water how many times I write it down. As with the previous point, the largest organ in our body – the skin which consists of a heavy presence of water for its overall functioning as well as maintaining your health. As such you need to drink as much water as possible preferably 2 liters per day or 8 glasses for you to avoid early signs of ageing, wrinkles and other natural forms of skin damage. Always keep your skin properly hydrated for best results.

3. Sticking to the same old haircut

For many years you have been known to sport the same haircut and as much as you may think that it’s your trademark, you are showing the world a dull personality. In short having the same haircut for an unnecessarily long time shows lack of creativity and ambitious personality. Also related to this is the habit of taking a very long time before getting the next haircut – don’t wait for people to start talking about; simply get a haircut within 3-4 weeks or less.

4. Applying too much cologne

This is a definite put off when you want to get the attention of the ladies or even when you want to drive a certain point home. No one can ever stand a cologne that is too strong. Never apply too much cologne only pour it in the right season, time or evenly – just the required amount only!

5. Overgrown toenails

Some of us forget to take care of our toenails such that they become “toe claws” and often would rip into your socks – no wonder they have holes around the toe area(Ha! Ha! Ha! I caught you!). Also you won’t really feel comfortable wearing shoes or going to the beach. You are not an ape. Make sure that you trim your toenails often and save yourself from disgrace!

(I did not want to disgust you with these photos. But, believe me, not good)

6. Maintaining overgrown nose and ear hair

You can’t have nose hair dangling out of your nostrils my brother, no, no, no! Worse still if you are tall, you will be become the laughing stock of those below you. Ditto the ears, the hair give an unnecessary distraction to your manly look. Just look for a dedicated nose or ear trimmer and keep those hairs away from the public view!

Nose Hair Trimmer is one of most important equipment in men-care. Personally, instead of using my fingers to get rid of that, I use a good trimmer especially produced for that nose hairs.

7. Hair sprouting out of your chest

The truth is chest hair appears sexy for some women, but definitely it need to be like a natural vest. Notably when it’s a hot day and you are exposing your chest. Another appalling look is that of having this blanket of chest hair sprouting over your shirt or even your t-shirt. Simply ensure that you maintain a lesser amount of chest hair through constant trimming.

8. Not shaving your pubic hair

When last did you manscape? This an important grooming pattern that many men take for granted. By not shaving your pubic hair, you are promoting bad odor, a breeding ground for pubic lice and harboring certain infections too. Well, if you expect your partner to have a smooth genital area, why not do likewise?

You might want to check this article to get rid of pubic hair really easy.

9. Consecutively putting on the same underwear and socks

Most guys go for close to a week or more putting on the same boxers or socks. This not cool at all. Dirty boxers can result in giving your crown jewels a permanent bad smell and taste. The same is true for socks which will be absorbing your feet’s sweat generously ending up in foul smelling feet and shoes. Just make sure that you change these daily.

10. Waxed eyebrows

If your eyebrows are thick, there is no reason to keep them in too much quantities. And try to avoid the development of a mono-brow in the process. The best way to deal with it is to look out for an eyebrow trimmer to keep your eyebrows in check. If properly maintained they will be helpful when expressing yourself while using facial expressions.
All in all, you have gone through these 10 grooming mistakes that you must avoid. It is thus up to you to adopt or stay the same old self. Though this list managed to cover most areas that are pertinent in grooming, the list is not exhaustive. Happy grooming guys!

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