28 Feb

PRP treatment for hair loss problem

In recent years, PRP treatment( Platelet Rich Plasma) is one of the treatments commonly used around the world in hair loss treatments. Most patients are also asking a lot of questions about this method and are just trying to get information about the validity of the treatment. In this technique, one’s own blood is used and only one or a few tubes are prepared by taking blood from the patient and processing this blood using some specific techniques. This processed blood is applied during the treatment.

The procedure lasts approximately 15 minutes, and since it is obtained from a person’s own blood, in a closed system, there are no complications such as infection or allergic reactions. What is meant herein is that the platelets which are about 2-4 times more dense than their normal counterparts can be transferred to the desired target tissue in a concentrated manner. When platelets are actually injured in the body, they cause growth agents and many other wound healing agents to be released in their tissues to be hosted; Repairing damage by going to the injured area, healing the tissue. That is, the cells that initiate and stimulate repair in damaged tissue are platelets. When PRP treatment is applied to the hair follicle area and these cells are intensively injected, the healing is accelerated and the bleeding in the inoculated area increases. Graft survival rate increases, resulting in more efficient results.

In addition, it has been observed that applications to the weakened hair roots result in thicker hair. Growth and repair agents in the platelets also stimulate and revive the miniaturized hair roots.

The stage of PRP treatment preparation is yet to become a standard in the world (e) media. That is, different PRP kits / tubes are used by different experts and platelets are obtained at different concentrations. The platelet needs to be activated so that the blood cells will have a stimulating effect by helping them grow and grow. There has not yet been a consensus in the world about this activation.

How many sessions should be done for PRP applications or the duration of intervals is also a bit of a mystery, but today, the recommendation of the specialists around the world is to apply PRP for at least 2-3 sessions every 3 to 9 months to stop hair loss.

There are facts that almost everybody agrees with on PRP treatment: It is a reality that men and women who have not completely lost hair, suffer from baldness or are only in the stage of thinning get visible and effective results from his treatment. About 70-90% of patients have a slight increase in hair thickness and revival in the hair, but about 20% of the patients do not have the expected result. In general, a high satisfaction rate makes our surgeons happy. The increase in quality of hair on average can be observed 2-6 months after PRP treatment and it is possible to maintain this effect as long as the treatment is continued and supportive practices are made.

Thanks to the growth factors of platelets in PRP applications, hair dermal papilla hair cells are growing and growing. It also induces regional blood supply, nourishes, revitalizes and affects hair growth follicles positively.

Nowadays, PRP treatment is one of the most important weapons for strengthening the fallen out and damaged hair. Especially for people who do not want to be on medical treatment, who do not want to use daily sprays or tablets. We absolutely recommend PRP treatment for those patients whose medical treatment is ongoing and who want to receive additional supportive treatment or who have not received a result from long time medical treatments. We recommend PRP for young patients whose hair loss starts at very early ages because we think it is too early for hair transplantation. There are also patients who are bored quickly by medical treatments and tell us that they can not continue their treatment properly. It is reasonable to apply PRP to these people.

One of the most important things that should be mentioned about this treatment is that there is no standard in PRP treatment applications, neither in terms of platelet concentration, nor in the preparation phase nor in the number of applications / sessions. It is very important that patients stay awake and away from PRP practices, which are prepared with very inexpensive and poor quality materials and costs. Although this practice is acknowledged by the authorities in the field, there aren’t adequate research and scientific clinical trials / articles on PRP practices in the world yet.

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