28 Feb

One Of The Best Styles:Bald With Beard

Any type of beard is proving to be the stylish trend for 2017 so far. If given the proper or deserving combination you will be a proud beards man. Better still, the magic of the beard is its tendency to create a favorable facial atmosphere even if one suffers from hair loss or even lacks hair on top of their heads. So if looking at the best styles for 2017, bald with beard fits perfectly into the picture.

You can all agree with me that the only rule that is applicable for you to with the flow this year as far as the best styles for 2017, bald with beard ought to be the look to switch to. It’s not only a style that’s great looking but also easy to maintain. Again, it brings out the rugged, masculine look in any man who makes this decision. For the young and upcoming beards men, ladies love men who are bald and have beards!

Now that you are privy of the fact that going for the bald with beard look having huge effects to your looks, you need proper guidance. As such before drawing up that mental picture of the best styles for 2017, that look, we will help you avoid any potential mistakes.

Choosing the best styles for 2017

What must you do now that your head is shaved? Be easy brother. You need to acclimatize to the new path that you have chosen. So how do I choose the best styles for 2017, bald with beard deserving looks for myself? Firstly, you need a style that defines more of your character, one that proves your worth. Thus this will guide you to match it with the suitable facial hair – whether short or long.

Secondly, experiment or be creative. From the wide array of bald with beard styles available, you can switch them around to find the perfect match through being creative. You can try the mustache for some time, then blending it with stubble or other beard style to pick the one that makes you worthwhile. Once you have branded yourself, make impact in your life!

Lastly, commit to your bald with beard look. Be there for your beard when it needs you most by oiling, trimming or shaving among other responsibilities to own your look. Therefore, you are now ready to choose the particular style among the best styles for 2017, trends below.

Some inspiration for the best styles for 2017

The followings can inspire you to make the right choice:


Though having a small section of beard, your look will be notable. Mostly fits the conservative professional work surroundings and needs a suitable dress code.


Sport either the full or classic goatee. The former is mainly linked with almost any trade and age whilst the latter is unconventional thus suitable for the younger generation.


Might not be widely accepted but does have the sexy appeal that any man deserves.


These trends will never be complete without the full beard. It compensates the absence of hair on your heard, giving you the manliness again.

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