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How to Shave Pubic Hair?

Mastering the art of shaving pubic hair is a must for every man today. We aren’t caveman anymore, are we? I am pretty sure lots of men don’t agree with me.But, to be honest, I like that feeling of being clean. Some may find it sexier to grow out the hair down there and even claim their partners prefer their hair like a pristine forest. We agree with you that having a stubble on pubic areas might look more preferable to some, but a bulk of hair covering your manly parts is in no way an appealing sight, if you ask my opinion.

Trimming that areas on our body is called “manscaping”. In todays’ world, not only women but also men want to shave or trim the hair on their body. Considering that lots of men work out to have a better body, it is for sure they would not want hide it with the appearance of unwanted hairs.

For that fresh and crisp feeling on your crown jewels, I’m going to give an in-depth guide on how to get rid of pubic hair safely.

Why should I shave?

You probably want to have an idea how to shave pubic hair. Though it’s not a must but having a clean shave on your manly possessions is quite beneficial – safety is the key. I personally advise you to consider the following merits on shaving pubic hair and don’t worry, I will cover the risks in between later sections of this article as well:

  • You will enjoy a lesser amount of friction around the groin area
  • The unpleasant stink from the genital area is reduced
  • You can pleasantly wear your boxers or briefs
  • A fresh and crisp feeling around your pubic area
  • Increased intimacy when playing sex games in the bedroom
  • Your genitals will look more attractive or even bigger when clean shaven!
  • Reduction in the influx of pubic lice
  • Shaving pubic hair can be done in any position sitting, standing or laying on your back!

So,What do I need?

Well, when it comes to how to get rid of pubic hair, it’s a matter of not only grabbing a razor and shaving cream. “Manscaping” needs the right tools and I have compiled a list and a brief description of how to use each. You will be relieved too that most of these can be purchased online or in nearby drugstores/shops:

1. An electric razor

This is handy when you are trimming the bushiest area of your privates and also great when shaping your pubes (avoid the scrotum please).

2. A hand trimmer

If you want to keep your pubic hair especially on the area close to your main asset, at a uniform level then a hand trimmer can do the job for you.

3. Safety Razor

Of course when considering how to shave pubic hair, the job won’t be complete without a safety razor. It does carry out an amazing job shaving, but also is affordable, readily available in most shops around us and if carefully used can reap huge rewards especially for your scrotum.

4. Pair of Scissors

For those who prefer not to use clippers or an electric razor, a pair of scissors is an asset. Besides being cost effective, a pair of scissors for the genitals should not be used for other purposes.

5. Shaving Cream

This is key as it provides non-abrasive lubrication especially in avoiding nicks and cuts at your family jewels. You will also enjoy a smoother feeling afterwards. Avoid using ordinary soap, it tears the sensitive skin that occupies your pubic area.

6. Hand Mirror

Yes, you need to see the action down there especially when a razor is your preferred tool for use. Make sure that you purchase one that’s fog-free.

7. Antiseptic

When you have scraped off the pubic hair, it is crucial to apply an antiseptic. It disinfects and cools your now hairless sensitive skin. It will keep problems like folliculitis at bay especially if you are going to use a razor for shaving pubic hair. Please never forget to apply an antiseptic once you’re done.

8. Men’s Body Powder

A quality body powder for men is important in absorbing any excess moisture so as to remove the accumulation of sweat therefore reducing the unneeded odours. Don’t use an aftershave on your assets – facial skin is different from genital skin!

9. Exfoliating cloth

After shaving pubic hair, make sure that you remove all the dead skin as well as unnecessary clinging of the freshly trimmed hair. Use exfoliating cloth to take of this.

10. A towel

It is a very important tool but know how to use it. Don’t rub but gently pat dry to avoid any skin irritation – genital area skin is very sensitive.

Step by step guide on how to shave

1. Trim your genital hair evenly

Using a body trimmer and also a small comb trim your pubic hair evenly. If considering how to get rid of pubic hair, have the body trimmer set to 1 inch. The small comb can be used to put your pubes to the desired length. This should be done slowly, ensuring that you shape both the right and left sides of your privates evenly. Alternatively you can use a pair of scissors as well. Can be very handy if you know how to shave pubic hair.

You are not in a hurry and don’t cut all the hair off. NEVER use the trimmer on your scrotum – it has very sensitive skin and is vulnerable to cuts. You can trim in any position – sitting on the floor, or the toilet seat, even in the bathtub, laying on your back on the bed or standing.

2. Lather the pubic hair and genital area

You might have read elsewhere to straightforward lather your pubes but I suggest that taking hot shower is also great. Generally, warm water opens up your pores, easing shaving afterwards. Consider using anti-bacterial soap in the process. If you can’t take the shower, generously apply shaving cream so as to moisturize the area and reduce cuts when actually shaving later on.

3. Begin the shaving!

Now we are going to look at how to shave pubic hair. For those desiring the shower, after lathering with anti-bacterial soap, start shaving. Make sure that you are using a new razor – to avoid any infection accumulating on it. Just like a condom, use a new one every time!

If you have applied shaving cream right away, go on to use a new safety razor as well. Whatever way you do it, apply minimal pressure in your shave of short, very light strokes. It is crucial to keep the skin in the genital area you’re shaving as stretched as it can be. Loose skin is prone to cuts and nicks as it will move with the razor due to an uneven surface. After each stroke make sure that you rinse the blade by submersing it in water. Just half an inch of pubic hair is all you need to shave at this stage.

Shaving the hair under your scrotum

You might wonder how to get rid of pubic hair safely under your scrotum. If you use extra care it can be possible. Liberally lather the crack area then crouch down with open legs. Put the hand mirror under you, directly resting on the floor. Pull your sack upwards with one hand use the other hand to carefully and slowly shave towards your sack using moderate and light pressure. Make sure that you rinse the safety razor a number of times during shaving.

Shaving around the scrotum

When you want to shave your sack, I suggest that you stand up straight in the shower/shaving area. Make sure your sack is lathered enough with the cream. Then pull gently but tightly the side you want to shave. Shave in a downward motion, using a safety razor. When shaving the sides, be extremely careful and be as slow as you can be.

Shaving around the penis

The main asset has a surrounding area that needs shaving too. If shaving above the penis, pull it downwards, using an upward stroke with other hand towards the navel. Hold it towards an adjacent side when shaving the sides, gently shave inwards in the sides.

4. Clean Up

After the shaving is all done, it’s time to rinse off and clean up. I suggest that the same antibacterial soap is needed to wash the shaved areas using semi-cold water this time. Use as much water to deliberately wash the whole pubic area and get rid of shaven hair.

5. A towel for pat drying

A clean body towel is ideal for you to gently pat dry your genital area. Never rub the just shaven area. This method reduces any chances of bumps and irritation.

6. Get the Antiseptic

Liberally apply an antiseptic to the shaved parts – be careful though if your skin is super sensitive. If not suitable for you skip to the next step.

7. Apply the Men’s Body Powder

It is a must to apply the powder to the shaved area daily – helps with skin ventilation and you will feel fresh afterwards.

*Repeat shaving whenever, it all depends on you, since you now know how to get rid of pubic hair!

What are other alternatives to shaving pubic hair?

Laser is considered as one of the best alternatives. Its’ results are not temporary like others. We can not hinder some problems with this method. Yeah, It is an expansive and painful way of getting rid of pubic hair and other hairs.However, hair removal lasers for home use is getting popular, which offers cheap and less painful alternative. This method should be repeated in time to get the best result.

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Electrolysis is another option. It treats one hair follicle at one time and the results are permanent. In contrast to the laser, Electrolysis can be used in all hair colors. Moreover, the most important side of Electrolysis is killing the follicle once that it goes forever.

Depilatory creams are effective but not long term method like other two methods above. It is painless and fast way but should be repeated all time. I do not suggest this term that much as having some bad experiences.

Finally some advice…

I have been using razors for a long time and I can say that I am pretty happy with this method. But the choice is yours of course. I am planning to have one of these lasers soon but till then, razors are my friend for that issue.

Don’t forget ;

Don’t shave before exercising.
Never shave while drunk.:)
Don’t have sex soon after shaving.

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