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How to maintain stubble beard?

There isn’t anything that is as hot for any man as donning a beard right now. It is no secret that beards have always been “in” fashion-wise and sported by men as a weapon to attract women for centuries. The power of a beard that suits your facial features enhances your charm should never be underestimated as beards can cover up the parts of your face that you don’t want to stand out such as your saggy jowl, pointy chin or chubby cheeks. Even if you don’t have anything to conceal, it is true that you can look more sexy, mysterious and appealing to the eye if you have a beard.

Whether you prefer the lumberjack, the goatee or the stubble beard – the choice is yours. I assume that if you decided to grow a beard or you already have a beard, you have already figured out which beard style best suits your face. However, there is this beard type that gives you that care-free, sexy, “I am a sex god” look which you can see on most of the models that take part in high-end fashion shoots or Hollywood celebrities. Yes, I am talking about stubble beard. In this article, we would like to show you how to maintain stubble beards. You will find great information and tips if you are thinking about growing one.You will also see our recommendations for the the best beard trimmers to upkeep stubble beards.

What is stubble beard?

Any type of short facial hair that cannot be regarded as a full beard is stubble beard. Often there are two broad types namely the popular 5 o’clock shadow (shorter) and alternatively the heavy stubble. It became fashionable beginning the 1980s to have one and we still have it. Names that quickly come to mind are Clint Eastwood, George Michael, David Beckham, and Jason Stratham among others. Feel like you wanna be part of team stubble? You are in charge gentle reader, as the choice of style is fully yours. It comes with some work too – read on!

Does stubble beard suit you?

If you answered yes to this question then you have a face that needs stubble beard. Indeed, I cannot hesitate to mention that the shape of your face is a prerequisite. The longer your face is the most suitable it can accommodate stubble beard. Also an outward shaped or curvy chin makes it look good. Never take beauty perfection for granted. Does this sound like you? Bear in mind to wisely choose the best beard trimmer for stubble too!

How do I maintain it?

Maintaining stubble is a duty that calls for the bearer to first avoiding shaving for a number of days, trimming and sticking to an aftercare routine. Below I will be showing you how to firstly prepare and then maintain your cherished stubble beard in 6 easy steps:

Grow the stubble

If you are the 5 o’clock shadow man, you simply have to avoid shaving the sprouting beard for a maximum of three days. For the heavy stubble guy, I suggest that you go for as long as 10 days to 14 days depending on your rate of growth. After the stubble beard has grown there is now need to have your best beard trimmer for stubble handy.

Pick the best beard trimmer for stubble

I always tell my fellows that your beard needs proper nurturing, care and support just like what you do when raising a child. So once you have achieved the desired stubble length, choose you stubble trimmer. You see, on the market today there are a number of brands but I have three suggestions depending on your pocket. You can try the three that have topped the reviews for 2016 (see details below). So once again I urge you to take your pick.

Trim your stubble using longer settings

Now that you have reached the desired length of your stubble, start by applying a suitable conditioner to your beard to make it easier to trim. Ensure that the beard is not moist as some stubble trimmers perform dismally under such conditions. You can set the trimmer at 5mm for starters and begin to trim your stubble.

Lower the trimmer setting and shape the face edges

So your stubble is now shorter, reducing the trimmer setting is ideal, say to 2mm then 1mm. Make sure that your stubble is at the same length. Fix any messy looking areas meticulously, shaping the chin, jawline and hairline to be perfectly in sync with the rest of the stubble. Remember – maintain the same length.

Your neckline matters too (optional)

If you wish or have any amount of beard on the neckline, give the same stubble length applied to your jawline and chin to it. For a stylish look, you can fade out when trimming near the edges. I have seen men who are unevenly shaped and gosh, they look like cartoon characters – so avoid being one!

Calm down irritation with an aftershave

As your skin has interacted with electrical gadgets, irritation would have occurred hence an aftershave is the ideal remedy. Generously apply it so as to soothe your skin.

So, which one is the best beard trimmer for stubble?
Now that I know the basics, how does one choose the best trimmer? Which one is affordable and most suitable for my stubble beard? Well, I have some answers for you basing on most 2016 reviews on the products on the market:

Conair For Men I-Stubble

This is arguably been the best stubble trimmer due to a number of reasons. It possesses the lowest setting for length i.e. 0,4mm (great for the 5 o’clock shadow) and goes on to 5mm as well. With a comfortable design that covers both types of stubble and long battery life it also quickly recharges, it is perfect for stubble. Nevertheless, it’s not washable and is specifically a stubble trimmer.

Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 3500 (Model QT4014/42)

An efficient yet inexpensive simple to use stubble trimmer. Its length settings run from 0,5mm to as much as 10mm. The titanium blades are skin friendly too. You will love it as it is water resistant and hence washable. Some demerits are that it’s not the most cutting-edge trimmer available on the market and it comes without a contour comb.

Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7300 (Model QT4070/41)

This is a perfect all round beard trimmer. It can be used to shift from beard to stubble trimming with ease – using turbo power! This small machine’s length settings range from 0,5mm up to 18mm (for full beard).Has a vacuum system therefore efficiently reducing cleaning time. Conversely, this is quite expensive and is not washable as well.

Note: We are writing a detailed best beard trimmers article at the moment. It will be in MENSELF soon.

Some tips on how to avoid trouble with your stubble…

You have decided to grow out a stubble, you made up your mind and think you will look your best with a stubble beard. So far so good, but you have to keep in mind that looking good doesn’t come without a price. You have to act wisely for an appealing, neat and well-maintained stubble beard. Here is what you should do to achieve the best look possible:

  1. Don’t choose the general beard trimmer — pick the one that is specifically designed for your stubble.
  2. Wash and exfoliate your stubble to keep it clean, soft, and great looking. Also moisturize it often too.

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