28 Feb

Mesotherapy for hair and Its Long Term Benefits

Mesotherapy for hair, which is applied in many centers where hair transplant operation is performed , is a kind of treatment applied with very thin and special needles in the middle and deep parts of the scalp to revitalize, strengthen and thicken the hair to make it fuller and brighter again. It is a mixture of an amino acid, oligoelement, antioxidant, circulatory enhancer, minerals and vitamins, which stimulates and makes a doping effect on metabolism. It is a form of treatment based on providing the hair with the substances that must be found in the body. The process is painless and without side effects.

Mixtures used in mesotherapy for hair loss problem do not have a standard formula. Each patient may response differently to the solutions prepared by practicing surgeon or physician. Moreover, it is not easy to say that the mixture used at every mesotheraphy hair center gives good results. Depending on the experience of the surgeon, some substances may be added, taken out, or altered proportionally to get better results than the formerly used solutions.

With mesotherapy, hair circulation improves and hair cells can be nourished better. Hair loss reduces or completely stops, thinning hair becomes thick, bright and vibrant. With hair mesotherapy, it is impossible to regrow hair on hairless areas.

Hair mesotherapy can be performed in patients from eighteen to seventy, but it is inconvenient to apply during pregnancy. Approximately 10 minutes after treatment, the patients can go back to their normal life. They do not experience any swelling or redness. Especially patients who benefit from mesotherapy are those who suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, shortening of the anagen cycle( growth phase of the hair) and miniaturization of hair. In these people, a rapid recovery and revival in the hair can be achieved by longer mesotherapy for hair sessions.

Mesotherapy for hair loss practice does not have a specific standard application and is usually associated with the experience of the practicing physician. Session intervals may be weekly or monthly, and the number of sessions may vary from 5 to 15 sessions. Hair mesotherapy is generally recommended for male and female patients with hair loss due to genetic reasons. When the cause of the hair loss is hereditary factors, it is impossible to stop this type of hair loss completely, so 2-3 times a year or 2-3 sessions in 3-4 months is recommended as a supportive treatment.

In the cases of sickness, stress, postpartum, seasonal period and malnutrition, the hair grows back up after 10 sessions of treatment. Mesotherapy for hair loss sessions are not needed again unless conditions that cause hair loss recur.

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