28 Feb

How to Deal With a Patchy Beard?

Through countless centuries of both past and present, the ability to grow a full beard has been a highly-coveted ability. The reason it’s highly coveted is because of the fact that not a lot of men can grow full beards. Most men can grow facial hair, many can grow beards, but few can grow a beard that is full, healthy, and formidable. There are many factors that account for the ability of a man to grow a full beard. Take genetics, for instance.

Many cultures have historically not been able to grow beards very well. If you’re of certain ethnic descent, you may have a decidedly harder time growing a beard, or your beard may blossom at a time in your life much later that your companion’s beards.

Age is ultimately the largest factor that contributes to a beard growing full, or facial hair growing at all. Often times, however, the challenge doesn’t involve the ability to grow a beard. The challenge lies in growing a beard that isn’t patchy. Patchy beard growth can be a huge annoyance. With this being said, a patchy beard isn’t impossible to conquer. If you have a patchy beard, odds are that you aren’t doing something correctly in your life, whether it’s lifestyle or health related. Let’s take a look at some reasons you might have a patchy beard, how to prevent patchy beard growth, and how to fix a patchy beard.

Eating and Lifestyle Habits Can Fix Patchy Beard Growth

Food and Patchy Beard Growth: There is truth in the saying “you are what you eat”. This certainly holds true to beard growth. The nutritional composition of the foods you consume on a daily basis can greatly impact the fullness of your beard. There are many vitamins and minerals that have been associated with beard growth. If you’re looking to fix patchy beard growth, you’ll want to pay attention to what you eat. Vitamin C, E, and B complex are all critical to proper and full beard growth. Vitamin C and E both correspond with skin repair.

If you aren’t consuming foods rich in these vitamins and have a patchy beard, consider trying to integrate foods rich in the vitamins you’re missing! A B vitamin that helps facial hair growth considerably is Biotin. Biotin is responsible for hair, skin, and nail growth. Dark green vegetables, eggs, and meat all have plenty of biotin in them. Often times, patchy beard growth can be halted in its tracks with adequate Biotin supplementation!

Lifestyle Factors and Patchy Beard Growth: Many lifestyle factors can influence the proper growth of a beard. A high-stress lifestyle can hugely impact the full growth of a beard. If you can’t grow a beard without patchiness, evaluate how much stress you typically have in your everyday life, both at work and at home. Stress-relief exercises can largely help to fix patchy beard growth! Consider exercises such as yoga and meditation.

Another lifestyle factor that can contribute to patchy beard growth is nicotine consumption. Whether through cigarettes, cigars, or E-cigs, nicotine consumption can inhibit the ability of nutrients vital to full facial hair growth to be absorbed. If you’re trying to grow a full beard but can’t kick the habit. Smoking causes a myriad of other health complications as well; a patchy beard growth will be the least of your worries.

Another factor that can influence the growth of your beard is the amount of sleep you’re getting. Fix patchy beard growth by getting a full night’s rest! Sleep is one of the most important factors in a healthy human’s life. Getting eight or more hours of sleep will impact the ability of your skin cells to repair themselves and utilize the vitamins and minerals you’ve consumed throughout the day, properly. Getting adequate sleep can greatly fix patchy beard growth.

All of the aforementioned health and lifestyle factors work with one another. Vitamins won’t get used to their potential if you aren’t getting enough sleep or if you smoke cigarettes. Stress levels won’t decrease if you’re not getting enough sleep, no matter how much yoga you do. It’s important to consider all aspects of your lifestyle and eating habits if you want to fix patchy beard growth.

Razor Bumps Can Cause Patchy Beard Growth

Fix Patchy Beard growth by eliminating the amount of razor bumps on your face. Razor bumps can impair the ability of your skin to repair itself, even with adequate nutrition supplementation. Razor bumps can be tended to through a variety of home remedies.

A patchy beard can be fixed if razor bumps are eliminated on a regular basis. If you have razor bumps present after you shave, try applying a solution of ½ cup sugar and ½ cups olive oil to the affected area. Let the solution sit on the affected area for several minutes. Wash the solution off with cold water, and vigorously dry off the affected area. Another remedy is to soak two aspirin pills in a solution of purified water. The aspirin is anti-inflammatory and can greatly reduce the inflammation and itchiness associated with razor bumps. Patchy beard growth is often caused by razor bumps. Fix patchy beard growth by eliminating the razor bumps as soon as you see them forming.


There are many factors that can contribute to patchy beard growth. Both health habits and lifestyle factors can contribute to the growth of a beard that’s patchy. Not consuming enough Vitamins such as E, C, and B can lead to a beard that doesn’t grow very full. Poor lifestyle habits such as smoking, inadequate sleep, and stressful patterns can also contribute to poor beard growth. Razor bumps can also largely contribute to inadequate beard growth. Razor bumps can clog pores and prevent skin cells from properly regenerating. To fix patchy beard growth, eat well, sleep well, don’t stress, and try your best to eliminate razor bumps before they become too severe!

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