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Best Teeth Whitening Kit For a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Everyone knows how beneficial a great-looking smile can be. From making friends to making great first impressions, a smile that boasts a brilliant pair of pearly-white teeth can leave a lasting mark on anyone that sees them.

With all this being said, everyday activities can really dim the brilliance of our teeth. Activities such as coffee drinking and wine consumption can both impact the radiance of your smile.

Thankfully, the development of various types of whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes, and whitening kits have come to the rescue of those who are avid wine, coffee or any other stain-leaving beverage consumers. These stain-wicking formulas are sure to blast away the dirt and grime from your teeth, no matter how much filth lies on them. Here’s a look at ten dental hygiene products that are sure to scrub the stain away!

I’ll list the ten products and then decide which of the ten is the best product. Without further ado, here’s a glimpse at the world of teeth whitening dental hygiene products.

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects

These strips are sure to get the job done. Although they may seem expensive, they are sure to supply you with enough whiteness to last a year or more, depending on how often you need your teeth whitened. If you’re worried about the hassle associated with adding another step to your morning or nightly dental routine, don’t; these only take thirty minutes to get the job done! You’ll surely save money from routine dental trips. We all know how much of a hassle and an expense these can be.

This excellent whitening kit has the power to knock 14 year’s worth of stains off of your enamel. Regardless of how much torture you’ve put your teeth through, don’t worry about it! The Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips Professional Effects tooth-whitening kit is sure to stamp out any sight of stain or grime on your teeth. Brace yourself and your teeth for the ultimate smile!

Overall, this whitening kit is one of the most widely used whitening kits today. If you have the time, whitening strips can be a huge success for your teeth’s whiteness. They’re great for those who have a restrictive or shorter schedule.

Philips Zoom Whitening

This whitening kit is of the highest caliber. The Phillips Zoom Whitening (Nite White 22%, 3 Syringes) whitening kit is a kit that acts differently from a lot of whitening kits on the market. There are several methods of application, but most involve the whitener’s distribution across the surface of each tooth with a small plastic syringe.

Once a small dot has been applied to each tooth you can either leave the dot on the tooth or spread it lightly across each surface with a Q-tip or something similar. Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll surely have a brighter smile! The formula included in this whitening kit is highly touted.

You’ll find that after just one hour of use you’ll have a radiantly brighter smile! One thing to note is that you shouldn’t wear the elixir on your teeth for a very long period of time. The formula can cause burning pain if left on for too long! Also, make sure to avoid contact with gums or risk potential blistering!

Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

The Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit gives you the power of high-class dental performance at a small portion of the cost. Utilizing a formula that’s similar to that of whitening gels used by dentists, this whitening kit is a force to reckon with! An advantage that this whitening kit has over other kits is that they can be used sporadically. If you miss a day of whitening, don’t worry; your teeth won’t show it!

On top of the whitening tools not needing to be used every day, this amazing whitening kit also comes with moldable trays that adapt to the shape of your teeth, ensuring the total and uncontested spread of the whitening solution to every nook and cranny of your teeth.

There is a ton of great ways to brighten your smile, but the Shine Whitening, Teeth Whitening Kit is vastly superior to other methods of smile whitening! Overall, this whitening kit is a good purchase, especially if you don’t have the time to keep up with teeth whitening, every day.

Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste

Many whitening kits on the market today are bleach based. This can cause unwanted damage to both teeth and gums, making a whitening experience totally not worth it! Thankfully, many products today are finding ways to whiten without the use of bleaching. One product, in particular, Curaprox Black is White Toothpaste, brightens efficiently and radiantly.

Through the use of activated carbon, this tube of toothpaste sheds away the grime and filth from your teeth in quite an efficient manner. You’ll even have a refreshingly brisk lemon taste in your mouth after your teeth have been brushed! Apart from using non-bleaching chemicals, this whitening combination kit comes with a toothpaste tube and a toothbrush! Say goodbye to complex syringes, mouthpieces, and confusing whitestrips.

The Curaprox whitening kit is the kit to use if you want a seamless and pain-free brushing experience. Stay away from the dangers of bleach-based formulas and drive the grime away with this dainty Curaprox whitening set! This whitening toothpaste is ideal for those who want to shy away from using complex bleaches and whitening tools. Sometimes simpler is better when it comes to tooth whitening. This product set by Curaprox offers simplicity and effectiveness.

Tom’s of Maine Natura Whitening Toothpaste

Tom’s of Maine Natural Fluoride Free, Antiplaque Tartar Control & Whitening Toothpaste is one of the purest toothpaste available on the market. Praised for its whitening capabilities without the application of chemicals commonly found in other toothpaste, this tube is equipped with the cleaning power to get the job done, no matter how stained your teeth are.

A huge advantage that Tom’s of Maine products have over other dental products is that they are free of damaging and questionable artificial colors and flavors. Protect both yourself and your teeth from oddly-named chemicals that exist solely to enhance the flavor! This toothpaste offers the basic and necessary elements of toothpaste for ultimate damage control and whitening ability. Forget the bleaches, artificial ingredients, and harsh additives.

Tom’s of Maine Natural Fluoride Free, Antiplaque Tartar Control & Whitening Toothpaste does the job, and that’s it. Look for Tom’s products if you want a whiter smile. You’ll surely get a painless, chemical free experience, and that’s that!

Active Wow Teeth Whitening – Starter Kit

Although this whitening kit is touted as a starter kit, it’s certainly much more than that! You’ll be sure to get plenty of mileage with the Active Wow Teeth Whitening – Starter Kit! This kit whitens teeth by the means of a syringe.

Don’t worry, you won’t be injecting anything into your gums! The syringe simply drops the whitening fluid onto your teeth. After the fluid has been applied, the whitening process will begin! A q-tip comes with this starter kit for the spreading of the product to various areas of the teeth. Regardless of your eating or personal habits, any stains that are present on your teeth are sure to come off.

Whether you drink soda, smoke cigarettes, drink wine, or drink coffee, you’ll surely have a nice set of teeth to show off to all of your friends if you use the Active Wow Teeth Whitening Kit! Another positive aspect of this top-notch whitening kit is that it’s great for those who have sensitive teeth. We all know how much of a pain sensitive teeth can be. From eating cold foods to accidentally brushing too abrasively, the dull pain associated with sensitive teeth can be extraordinarily uncomfortable.

If you’re worried about the sensitivity of your teeth impacting the successful application of this fluid, have no fear! This whitening kit can be painlessly applied, no matter how sensitive your pearly whites are. This whitening kit is ideal for those who don’t mind going the extra mile to have their teeth whitened. The whitening is a step by step process, but the end results make any complexities well worth it.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen

Say goodbye to the hassle of whitening kits! Forget the strips, trays, and syringes! The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen provides all the perks of dental-grade whitening power in a conveniently shaped and packaged pen. This pen will get the job done in a way that fits the hustle and bustle of the lives of the busiest human beings.

Finally, whitening is here in a form that is easy to apply and easy on your schedule. Taking less than one minute, the pen can be taken anywhere. You’ll be able to use it in the office, in the bathroom, in your car, and at the gym! Don’t let location, time, or your schedule limit your smile.

The AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen makes whitening possible, in every way possible. The chemical composition of the whitening formula makes for both quick and safe use. Manufactured in the USA, this whitening pen gets the job done and ensures speedy whitening! Say goodbye to the complexities of whitening kits with the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen, 35% Carbamide Peroxide, 20+ Whitening Treatments, No Sensitivity, 2ml! As stated earlier, this pen is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the run or on the road. Say goodbye to the hassles of complex teeth whitening processes.

AuraGlow 5x Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

Sometimes we need our teeth to be white, as fast as possible. Whitening kits usually possess the components to get the job done but aren’t the fastest when it comes to visual results. To combat the slow process of teeth whitening, lights are available for consumers to purchase that enhance the whitening process. One light, in particular, the AuraGlow 5x Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening

Accelerator Light, enhances the whitening process and delivers an outstandingly competitive battery life and light quality, compared to other types of lights on the market. You’ll get the same technology used in a dentist’s laboratory, in your bathroom. Before you know it, you’ll be opening up your own clinic.

Although this light is best used in combination with the whitening products made by AuraGlow, it can be used to enhance the speed of whitening from any type of whitening kit.Although the technology is quite complex, the process of usage is quite simple. Take the device and fit it into your mouth as comfortably as you can! The device is designed to shine a light onto the surface of your teeth, providing that they are already covered in a layer of whitening gel. The combination of whitening gel or strips and the fluorescent light is surely a combination that will whiten the grime away from your teeth! This light is a great addition to have in your bathroom or whitening kit. Although it takes a supplemental purchase to get the job done, it can save money through quick tooth whitening and lack of consistent whitening kit purchasing. If you’re able to purchase it, you’ll surely be in for a great whitening experience!

Supersmile Professional Whitening System

A great smile can set you apart from others. It can help you stand out at home and at work. It can help you with your smile and boost your self-confidence. Sometimes, however, the process of whitening teeth can be quite a hassle, involving complex chemicals, tools, and strips. The Supersmile Professional Whitening System is the perfect remedy for those who are worried about the hassle of teeth whitening.

This whitening system doesn’t use any harsh or complex chemicals and uses a simple paste that gets brushed onto each tooth. Say goodbye to the confusing nature of tooth molds, whitening lights, and other complex devices! The Supersmile Professional Whitening System provides dental-grade hygiene for a cost that doesn’t compare! This whitening system is the perfect system for those looking for high-grade whitening power for a cheap price. The value is incredible, as are the results.

MagicBrite Complete Teeth Whitening Kit At Home Whitening

The MagicBrite Complete Teeth Whitening Kit is the complete package. When I say complete, I mean complete. This whitening kit comes with all the bells and whistles of whitening technology. Forget paying large amounts of money for supplemental lights, toothpaste, syringes, or teeth molds. This whitening kit comes with every bit of tooth-whitening technology necessary to make the whitening process a smooth and effective one! You’ll surely have a substantially brighter smile, upon using this whitening kit.

The complete kit comes with a LED light for optimal brightening speed, a set of self-molding mouth trays, a guide to tooth brightening and teeth color, a large syringe, and a couple vitamin E swabs. This kit is sure to knock off years of stain and yellowing that come with growing older. This MagicBrite tooth whitening kit offers much more than one product. It’ll surely keep you satisfied and keep your teeth as white as possible! Look to this kit for a complete whitening experience and let your teeth shine to their fullest potential! The great part of this kit is that it’s completely inclusive, as far as whitening products go. You’ll get an incredible array of whitening devices for an incredible price!


Let’s get down to the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Although all ten of these whitening devices are excellent choices, only one whitening kit can land the accolade of best whitening kit! The title of best kit has to the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen. Not only is this pen an effective treatment for stained and dirty teeth, but it’s affordable and conveniently sized for use in any environment. The chemicals won’t hurt your gums, and you’ll notice differences immediately! A beautiful smile has always been a highly coveted personal attribute. Make a great impression on your friends, family members, and co-workers with the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen! It’ll surely whiten your teeth without the use of painful and mysterious chemicals. Although all the other whitening kits, toothpaste, and lights on this list are excellent choices for those looking to whiten their teeth, the AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Pen combines effective whitening with convenient and quick use. Look to this great whitening pen to make your teeth great in a conveniently designed and easy to use manner!

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