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Best Beard Trimmer List in 2017: New Best Friend

It’s been a long time since we’ve had to go to a barber to have our beards trimmed. The classic razor is an ancient tool, used in many types of combat, historically. The type of combat ranged from men, animal, and beard combat.

The beard combat, in particular, has evolved in a way that far outpaces what the traditional razor once was. From straight razor to disposable razor to electric razor, the world of shaving has seen a vast transformation over the past century or so.

Today the modern shaving market is flooded with hundreds of different types of razors, both electric and non-electric to choose from. Conventional razors often give a tighter and closer shave, allowing for more control with respect to design. Electric razors, however, are far more advantageous in multiple ways.

The first way is the cost. A pack of ten disposable razors is absurdly expensive. Even the cheapest and most basic of models can cost anywhere from $8 to $20. For higher quality models and sets, you’re looking at a cost of around $30. This is out of control! For those who shave more than twice a week or those who like to save money, a quality electric razor is a wonderful investment. Better known as beard trimmers, they can function to give you both a close shave and groom a beard that’s at full length. They are also great because you barely have to use any type of facial ointment upon shaving because the shave isn’t as close as a conventional disposable razor. This equates to less overall damage of your skin.

The overall shave is much more efficient and less time consuming. You’re also doing a better favor to the environment by using a beard trimmer as opposed to a conventional razor. Imagine all the waste that’s accumulated because of the mass production of plastic razors over the past few decades. You’ll save time, water, and trash by switching to an electric beard trimmer! With all of this taken into account, not all beard trimmers are created equal. The electronic market is flooded with thousands of variations of beard trimmers. Naturally, you’re going to want to get the best beard trimmer for your money.

Let’s take a look at the electric beard trimmer’s history, what to look for in an electric beard trimmer, and a few types of beard trimmers that have proven to be desirable through customer satisfaction. These beard trimmer reviews will be comprehensive and detail oriented. Let’s take a look!

The History of the Electric Beard Trimmer

The history of the razor dates back to the copper era when the first functioning razors were developed. Shaving for the purpose of aesthetics wasn’t seen until pictures of Alexander the Great surfaced with depictions of his facial hair cut in elaborate manners and styles. It’s believed that the development of shaving was furthered through the institution of various religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

As the years passed, the effects of shaving with regard to both appearance and personal hygiene become more pronounced and shaving became a common practice. Something significant happened a little later, however, that was sure to shape the future of shaving forever. In the year 1919, a company founded by Leo J. Wahl patented the first electromagnetic hair clipper. It was used primarily as a hair trimmer, but its design allowed the hair to be trimmed without the use of a protective cape. This paved the way for a variety of different electronics, all of which were invented by Wahl from 1960 to the early 2000’s. The vibrating technology used in the hair trimmers was replicated and used to create a variety of different electronic gadgets such as massagers, soldering irons, and in 1984, cordless beard and mustache trimmers.

Today, Wahl is but a small section of the sellers of electronic beard and mustache trimmers. If you’re looking for an electric beard trimmer, you’re probably going to see Wahl, Phillips, and Gillette, amongst others. Now that we know a little about the history of beard trimmers, let’s turn our focus towards what to look for when shopping for the best beard trimmer! Afterward, we’ll get to beard trimmer reviews!

What to Look for When Looking for Beard Trimmers

If you’re a fan of your facial hair you’re going to need a great beard trimmer. Finding the best beard trimmer, however, can be a difficult venture. You’re going to want to consider several factors when you’re deciding what the best beard trimmer will be to suit your needs. You’re going to want to take the material quality into consideration. The build quality can determine the longevity of the razor, as well as the quality of it.

Generally speaking, if the materials are primarily stainless steel, you’ll have a razor that will last you a very long time. If the materials are plastic or a combination of plastic and metal, they might last awhile but they’ll be more prone to damage than their steel counterparts.

The next thing you’ll want to consider is whether or not the trimmer is used with a cord. This shouldn’t influence your purchasing decision very much, but some people prefer the extra kick that can accompany a razor that stays continually plugged into an outlet. Another feature of an electric beard trimmer to consider before purchasing one is the various length options available with the desired trimmer. If you’re growing a beard or maintaining a finely constructed piece of facial hair, you’re going to want a trimmer that has a variety of lengths, corresponding to your desired beard length.

You’ll want one with multiple detachable length settings as well as an efficient trimmer-less setting. The overall versatility of the razor should be considered, finally, when contemplating which trimmer you should buy.

The versatility of a trimmer extends to features such as nostril hair-trimming capabilities, lower and higher vibration modes, and trimmer length options. Take all of these options into consideration when figuring out what the best beard trimmer will be to suit the needs of both your face and your beard.

Here’s a look at six different desirable beard trimmers that are sure to suit the needs of your face and beard! Each trimmer will be accompanied by a comprehensive set of beard trimmer reviews showing the pros and cons of each of these trimmers!

Phillips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100, 5 attachments, QG3330

This multi-faceted beard trimmer has all the bells and whistles of the best beard trimmers. It can do a variety of things due its versatile performance and functions. At a glance, this trimmer features 5 tools for a comprehensive array of styling, including a variety of types of trimmers and detailers. This trimmer also features stainless steel construction both in the body and blade, making it an ultra-long lasting trimmer, sure to suit anyone’s needs.

It’s also rechargeable. You won’t have to use it while it’s plugged in, but you’ll be able to get an assured 35 minutes of battery time out of it. It’ll take around 10 hours to charge. Use it once a day and plug it in when you go to sleep! Additional positive features of this trimmer include hair trimming and combing capabilities, water-safe, and the ability to be fully washable if needed. Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons!

Pros: You’ll find that the ear and nose trimmer are exceptional, speaking volumes about the versatility of this fine electric beard trimmer. Say goodbye to annoying hairs that not only itch but can stand out and ruin your appearance! Get rid of these flawlessly, with the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100. In addition to the nose and ear trimmers working well, the length attachments also function smoothly. You’ll be able to get everywhere efficiently, whether it’s your chest, face, or head! Finally, this trimmer is ultra-cheap. It’s about twice as cheap as most trimmers on the market. You’ll get longevity and versatility at a price that’s affordable to everyone!

Cons: A major flaw is the lack of storage. For some odd reason, there’s no bag that comes with the razor! This seems quite strange since there are five accessories, not counting the cord and charger. Another annoying feature is the fact that the cord doesn’t power the charger to the point of usage, it simply charges it. This means that you can’t use the charger when it’s plugged in. This normally wouldn’t be a big deal, if it weren’t for the fact that the battery life is only about 35 minutes.

Overall, the Phillips Norelco is a highly versatile razor with phenomenal trimming capabilities! Apart from the lack of bag and battery confusion, it’s a great buy. I’d say it’s one of the best out of the beard trimmer reviews you’ll read!

Panasonic ER-GB40-s 19 Precision Hair and Beard Trimmer for Wet/Dry Wash

The Panasonic ER-GB40-s hair and beard trimmer is a versatile, sleek, and well-designed beard trimmer. It’s one of the more expensive beard trimmers discussed in these beard trimmer reviews for a reason. It has a variety of intricate settings designed to suit any man or woman’s shaving needs! This beard trimmer might be the best beard trimmer in its price range.

A glance at the product’s features shows an impressive stainless steel design for longevity and many uses, a rubberized grip for ultimate comfort during the entire duration of the trim, 19 precision settings certainly built to fit all of your shaving needs, and the ability to be washed completely. If you’re looking for the beard trimmer with regards to styling, this trimmer is the one for you!

Pros: The best thing about the Panasonic ER-GB40-s is the lack of additional parts and features. Most beard trimmers are equipped with many additional accessories, but this trimmer isn’t. In fact, it’s completely adjustable, solely from one setting. This is incredible as far as compact razors go. This is surely a stunning feature, not featured in many other beard trimmers today! It’s also waterproof and completely washable.

In fact, you’ll just be able to wash it after you shave, and that’s that! No complex instructions or anything of that nature. Simple to use and simple to wash! The waterproof feature also means you’ll be able to use it in the shower with no danger! Don’t worry about being electrocuted; this razor is built to withstand any wetness! The design is ergonomic, gorgeous, and fits in your hand nicely. You’ll never be uncomfortable, regardless of what environment you’re shaving in!

Cons: A common issue with many electric trimmers on the market today is the inability to be used while charging. Sadly, the Panasonic ER-GB40-s is no stranger to this issue. It’s a great razor but the battery life is woefully short, especially compared to the time it takes to charge. Regarding the battery, it also takes around 30 hours to charge initially.

This is bad news for those who seek to buy a trimmer for immediate use. One additional issue with this electric trimmer is that there isn’t any indicator of how much juice the razor has in it, or how much more of a charge is needed before it’s ready to use again. This would be extremely useful and would prevent possible damage to the battery due to overcharging. On the subject of the battery, it turns out that Panasonic doesn’t offer any type of battery replacement for this particular model. If the battery starts waning, it might mean it’s time for a new trimmer.

Overall, the Panasonic ER-GB40-s may be the best beard trimmer on this list. It features an exciting array of styling selections, all from one razor head. There are no annoying supplemental materials associated with it because of this, allowing for compact carry and use.

The only thing you’ll have to worry about keeping track of is the razor and the charger! The razor definitely has some battery issues. These aren’t exclusive to this make of razor, however, and certainly shouldn’t be a reason not to purchase it. Other positive features of this trimmer are its ability to be used in almost any setting because of how waterproof use, and the ergonomic and durable design of the razor.

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Trimmer (8 Pieces)

Out of all of the beard trimmer reviews in this article, the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 is probably the best beard trimmer for its value and capabilities. It contains an impressive array of features giving you a close and precise shave wherever you decide to use it. It also features a very cool design and rubber handle, making you as cool as the men in the commercials using the shavers. It’s sure to turn heads. The features that stand out the most on this beard trimmer are the surgical steel blades, all of which are self-sharpening, 8 different attachments sure to meet needs from nose hair trimming to hair cutting, over an hour of consistent cordless run time, and an included storage pouch, making it great for on-the-go shaving. Let’s take a look at why this beard trimmer stands out from other beard trimmers!

Pros: Upon purchasing this trimmer, you’ll find that the build is very durable. The waterproofing extends to not only the body of the trimmer but to the cord and charger as well. This means that the trimmer will stand up to any water thrown at it, a rare feature compared to even the other beard trimmer on the market.

This also means that it can be used in the shower with no problem at all. Although the head of the trimmer is smaller compared to other trimmers, its size is compensated by the versatility and amount of attachments that come with it. All of these attachments are easy to use and attach and can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from head shaving to toe shaving.

An added accessory of a travel bag is an instant plus. In several other trimmer models with a lot of accessories, bags seem to be absent. This is an unfortunate occurrence, seeing as it greatly limits the ease of use and mobility. The battery life is remarkable, to say the least. You’ll be able to get over an hour from this trimmer after it’s been fully charged. This is almost twice as long as most trimmers, regarding the battery longevity.

Cons: With everything positive surrounding this razor, there’s also some flaws. The build of the razors and accessories is quite nice, being made out of high-quality steel. The build of the body, however, is quite flimsy. It’s cheap feeling, with no metal noticeable in the build. There have been reports of the on/off button breaking or becoming hard to operate after months of use. This is probably due to the overall cheap construction of the razor. Overall, however, this is a great beard trimmer for the price.

The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 electric beard trimmer is a great trimmer to buy, especially for the price. It has an extensive battery life, versatile equipment, a handy storage bag, and the ability to be used in really wet environments. This versatile trimmer doesn’t have many flaws. It does have a very cheap build, however, which can cause it to deteriorate after a while, if not tended to with the utmost care. Overall, the battery life is the longest out of all of the beard trimmer reviews so far!

Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300, vacuum trimmer

Experience a world of difference with this vacuum trimmer. The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is sure to clean up your beard, without you having to clean up your bathroom. It features a unique function allowing the smooth operation of the trimmer, without having to clean up any hair particles in your sink or off of the floor! This trimmer is one of the highest priced trimmers in this set of beard trimmer reviews. With this being said, it could also be considered the best beard trimmer for precision; the stubble setting allows a highly-precise trim that goes down to an unbelievable 5mm in length! You’ll be able to rock the most precise of beard cuts and styles with this impressive beard trimmer.

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Other notable features include 18 varying length settings including the stubble setting just discussed and a turbo button that enhances both power and fan speed. Let’s take a look at why this trimmer is so great!

Pros: An obvious positive aspect of this beard trimmer is the vacuum feature. You’ll be able to trim your face with ease, and not have to worry about annoying trimmings falling all over the place. This will save you time that you would normally devote to cleaning after you shave. Another positive feature is the durability of its battery.

Expect to have 2-3 years of service from its battery without it decreasing in efficacy or function. The next thing to note is that the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is probably the best beard trimmer when it comes to differences in shaving. You’ll get the most precise measurements due to the insatiable design and differences of each trimmer accessory.

Cons: The price is a little crazy. Sitting at just below sixty dollars, it’ll cost a pretty penny to purchase this trimmer. That’s not including tax and shipping. With this being said, trimmers typically pay for themselves over time, with the money you won’t spend on disposable razors and shaving cream.

Even so, the price is worth noting. Another issue with this trimmer is that there are reports of hair being jammed in the vacuum, eventually causing the entire trimmer to malfunction. The plastic lid that contains the hair at the bottom of the trimmer is weak and might be susceptible to breaking.

The Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 7300 is a great beard trimmer, although it’s a little pricey. It can shave to a very precise degree and offers versatile length options. The vacuum feature makes for a clean shave with no clean up. It also has an outstanding battery, meaning that the razor will last for a long period of time. Expect two to three years of use, minimum! The trimmer has a few issues regarding durability and vacuum jamming, but that’s really it. It might not be the best beard trimmer, but it’s certainly worth it!

Wahl Lithium Ion All In One Grooming Kit

This Wahl lithium ion battery-powered electric beard trimmer will have you jumping off the wall. All jokes aside, it’s the best beard trimmer, as far as battery life goes. Out of all the beard trimmer reviews, this Wahl trimmer will last the longest with the smallest amount of charge! Apart from being the best beard trimmer as far as battery life goes, this trimmer also has a variety of other unique features. It has a boosted torque speed, due to the capabilities of its battery. It also has a variety of accessories, all of which are sure to meet the pickiest of beard groomer’s needs. Here’s a look at everything this trimmer brings to the table, both bad and good!

Pros: The beard trimming features of this Wahl trimmer are outstanding. Its wide variety of features makes it an adept trimmer and shaper of any facial feature that gets in its way, whether it’s nose hairs, eyebrows, ear hairs, or beard hair. As stated above, the battery life is also outstanding. Expect to get many shaves from just once charge. In addition to the trimmer being precise, it’s also a lot quicker than other beard trimmers which means you’ll have to spend less time in the bathroom. All in all, this Wahl trimmer is an excellent trimmer!

Cons: The material that the grip and body are composed of is really sticky. It’s so sticky that hairs and even dust will stay glued to the handle. After a while, this can lead to a really frustrating build-up of hair and grime that’s sure to turn some people away. The accessories are great when you use them but not so great when you’re trying to change them and put them on. They can be difficult to attach.

A final thing to note is that it’s not versatile when it comes to cutting hair that’s not on your face. It’s hard to cut a head of hair with this thing!

Overall, this Wahl is a great beard trimmer, with a few external and cosmetic flaws. These flaws are usurped, however, by the efficient trimming speed, the accurate accessory trimming, and the amazing battery life. A good find, but certainly not in a class of its own!

Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit

The Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit is a grooming kit, to say the least. It’s also an extremely efficient beard trimmer equipped with an extremely efficient lithium ion battery. It’s probably the best beard trimmer when it comes to the selection of accessories and price; for under $30 you’ll get a whopping amount of styling choices. The selection is endless! Let’s take a look at everything that separates this beard trimmer from other beard trimmers!

Pros: This electric beard trimmer is extremely versatile, to say the least. You’ll find that you’ll be able to seamlessly switch from nose trimming to hair trimming to chest hair trimming, with quick attaching and un-attaching of certain parts. It’s a very quick process! If you have sensitive skin, this trimmer is for you. Out of all of the beard trimmer reviews, this is the only one with a rounded shaver! It’s ideal for those who have skin that’s easily nicked by sharp steel. The value is great, as well. For under $30, the versatility and battery life make it feel as if it’s a $50 razor. I forgot to mention the battery life, which is outstanding! This is certainly due to the lithium ion battery. Overall, a great beard trimmer for the price!

Cons: There are reports of the trimmer accessories not staying in place, after extended amounts of use. This can make for a painful shaving experience after using the razor for a long period of time. On the topic of the accessories, they feel rather cheap. The plastic feels very brittle. Unless you’re extremely careful with them they may be susceptible to breaking. Additionally, these same combs can be quite abrasive with respect to the skin.

Overall, the Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit is a great razor with a great battery. It’s probably the best beard trimmer for its price! With a great battery, excellent accessories, and an even better price, it’s certainly a great trimmer to buy whether you’re looking for one for personal use or a gift!

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As a Conclusion;

Best Beard Trimmer: The best beard trimmer will have to be the Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit. It’s the best beard trimmer as far as value and accessories go, compared to all six beard trimmers in the aforementioned beard trimmer reviews. It’s also the cheapest electric beard trimmer with a lithium ion battery, compared to the other beard trimmers that contain lithium ion batteries. This means that this trimmer is sure to give you a great shave duration and great battery life. Let’s give it up to the Philips QG3364/49 Norelco Multi-groom 5100 Grooming Kit!

All six of the aforementioned beard trimmers are sure to get the job done. When you shop for an electric beard trimmer, you’re going to want the best beard trimmer available. All six of the beard trimmer reviews contain beard trimmers that are durable, reasonably priced, and versatile. If you’re looking for an electric beard trimmer, look to this list for some great choices!

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