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Best 5 Fast Beard Growth Product List in 2017:Let’s Skyrocket The Growtn

Have you been suffering from a slow growing, patchy, unhealthy looking beard? Have you thought of finding a quick remedy to this problem? You want a beard to complete your overall appearance but cannot accomplish this look you aspire to. We get you, but have you contemplated purchasing any beard growth products lately? You are at the right place. Just scroll down to see what we brought together to give you what you want.

We know that a well-groomed beard and a mustache are one of the key factors in defining a man as manly. Maybe you are aiming for a Johnny Depp vibe, the roguish, sinfully drop ‘em dead Tom Hardy look or a completely different one.We agree with you on beards being super-duper hot!

However, to grow a beard requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Not every man growing a beard for the first time can get past the first four weeks, which is mainly characterized by itching.

As we know, not every man has the same type of hair. Everyone’s facial hair also doesn’t grow at the same rate. There’s a lot of factors determining how fast your beard will grow, or how long it will take before it even shows up for the first time.

Apart from age, which is a dominant factor in beard growth, stress, lack of exercise, genetics, etc. may lead to a delay in beard growth.

If your beards are taking their sweet time to grow, and you’re tired of waiting for nature to take its course, don’t get frustrated. There’s a lot you can do to cajole those bad boys out.

There are supplements that can help fast-track your beard’s growth if you are too impatient to wait. These products are proven to be healthy and effective. You might as well say sayonara to that patched, thin, dry, itchy and unhealthy beard on your face today.

Moreover, every beard grower needs an excellent, 5-star beard growing kit.

So, we picked 5 excellent beard growth products and we will be talking about them extensively. We will examine these beard growth products` pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision on which one to use at the end of the day.

However, there are a few things to consider when you want to buy one of these beard growth products to fast-track your beard growth. They are:

Price. What is your budget? You need to know how much you are willing to put out to buy this product. Is it in your price range? Can you afford it? It’s better to cut your coat according to your size. If the beard growth products you choose cost more than you can manage, it’s better you opt for other ones.

Usage. Before you buy any beard growth product, you should ask yourself this question- how often am I required to use this product? Will you have to use it every day, every morning or twice per week? This will determine how fast you will use the product up, and if you will be required to buy a new one.

Ingredients. It is quite important to know the ingredients of the bear growth products so you can know if you will be allergic to them or not. In addition, go for bear growth products sold as kits that are made with a higher percentage of natural remedies than those that are completely artificial.

Full Morning Routine Pack. Make sure the product has a beard grooming kit containing things like beard wash or shampoo, conditioner for the beards, a beard balm or oil and finally beard comb/brush with quality bristles. All these tools are essential in order to groom a quality beard.

So, let’s get cracking.

1-The Ultimate Beard Growers Kit

We start our suggestions on beard growth products with this amazing Kit. A great all in one.This is the most convenient product when it comes to beard growth and maintenance. The kit comes in a variety of options such as the Growther Beard Oil Xt (for beard growth), Enhancing Shampoo & Conditioner (for beard cleaning), Vitamins (for supplementary purposes), Beard Balm (for protecting your beard) and a pocket comb.

This kit has everything you need to grow a nice and thick beard. It is the perfect beard growing kit for every man. It promises to help you grow a thick, shiny and soft beard within a very short period. This would not be wrong to say this kit is one of the most efficient beard growth products.


Here’s what you will find in the package:

Bottle of Beard Growther Oil Xt: This is for beard growing. It is applied equally to the exact area that you wish your beards to grow. To get best results, you need to apply it daily.

The oil is specifically designed to ensure your beards grow longer and faster within a short period of time whilst eliminating any forms of breakages. Results might take a while but constant use of this kit will give you a fully grown beard in 30-60 days.

Enhancing Shampoo& Conditioner: this is used for beard shaving and cleansing. Use it every morning when taking a shower. It will strip the beard of all impurities and leave it with a refreshing scent.

A beard balm to protect your beard.

Vitamins: hair growth needs vitamins for healthier hair type. The vitamins in this kit ensure that your beard looks healthier and evenly. Take these vitamin pills while having your breakfast. They are made in an FDA approved facility, so don’t give yourself a headache worrying about its safety. The box also has FDA labeling guidelines.

A pocket comb to always ensure your beard stays combed and well groomed.

Quantities for each item in the kit

  • 90z for the bottle of Growther oil
  • 80z Beard bottle wash
  • 90 tablets of Growther Vitamins
  • 20z of Beard Balm
  • 1 comb


  • It includes Comb
  • Protection
  • Top-Notch Hair Care
  • Economic-friendly


  • The comb is small

2-Vitabeard- Facial Hair Support Formula

Have you always wanted thicker facial hair? VitaBeard Facial Support Hair Formula is a fantastic new beard growth supplement that can come to your rescue. If you have a thin beard or patchy facial, it might just be time to try VitaBeard. This looks like a good choice amongst other beard growth products in the market.

VitaBeard is not just a beard vitamin; it’s also a facial growth accelerator designed to improve the thickness and length of your beard while minding your diet contents. It also enhances your beard’s health, hence, giving you a softer and healthy looking beard.

Precaution: Men with chronic diseases should consult their doctor before taking VitaBeard Capsules.

VitaBeard promises to minimize beard itch through regulation of oil production on your skin beneath the beard. It combines essential ingredients of a multivitamin together with other added beard growth ingredients like Biotin, Vitamin D and Zinc. Besides, it could be used as a daily multivitamin for men. In short, it has everything you look for in very effective beard growth products.It comes with 90 capsules.

Directions: This is a dietary supplement, you should take 1 capsule 3 times daily, but you have to accompany it with food. All the ingredients are tested and certified by the NSF International.


  • Easily increases beard length and thickness
  • Contains all natural ingredients.
  • Has an exceptionally high success rate
  • Pocket-friendly. Vitabeard is not very expensive.
  • Helps beards grow in previous places they didn’t grow.


  • The Smell is not that good

3-Maxx Beard- Facial Hair Solution

Maxx Beard is a two month supply product formulated to support healthy facial hair in the most safest and effective method. It is one of the top beard growth products available in the market today. It is a unique formulation to support natural beard growth.

Maxx Beard is a perfect combination of proven ingredients including 5% Kopyrrol, Niacin, Biotin, and a proprietary blend of herbs such as AzetinolTM and Vitamins. This formulation claims to offer crucial nutrients and growth factors to support the natural facial hair growth and bring you the best-looking beard, mustache, and goatee you have always dreamed of.

It is said to be the only 3-in 1 beard growth solution on the market today. Maxx Beard provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to using a liposome delivery system by including a significant number of proven ingredients in just one solution.

Direction:- All you need to do is apply this solution once a day in the night. You should not use more than one millimeter. You are also advised not to take any other pill or oil alongside the product.


  • Wide spectrum of one hundred percent natural facial hair stimulators
  • Easy to use
  • Great Value
  • Tested and Proven Ingredients.


  • Pretty expensive
  • It contains AzetinolTM which is great for beard growth. However, it might cause some hair loss on the head.

4-Beardilizer Facial Hair And Beard Growth Capsules

Beardilizer is an all-natural dietary supplement that boosts facial hair growth in order to achieve a fuller and stronger beard.

Direction: You should take 3 capsules in a day (1 in the morning, afternoon and night). Ensure you take them with a meal, because the capsules are food supplements.

According to the manufacturers, it is 100% drug-free and specially formulated to nourish the facial hair follicles from the inside, by delivering the right high-quality nutrients, perfectly prescribed to make a reality the beard you have always wanted, while eliminating itching sensations. The formula will actively mimic the molecules endogenous function to activate the facial hair bulbs. Some of the ingredients found in this product include:

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): this will help improve the appearance of your beard.
  • Vitamin B Complex: this helps to improve the overall health of your hair, eyes, skin, mouth and liver.
  • Vitamins B1, B2, and B6: this improves the wellbeing of your facial hair as well as making your bones stronger.Precaution: Men with chronic diseases should consult their doctor before taking Beardilizer Capsules.

5-Beard Growth Spray- 100% Natural Formula

The most common complaint from guys who are trying to grow a nice, full beard is that they can grow their facial hair to a certain point, and then it seems like they “hit a brick wall” where their hair stubbornly refuses to grow any further. The good news is that there are very awesome beard growth products that can help stimulate hair growth and give the stubborn follicles a push. One of such is Beard Growth Spray. It is the only one in spray form we review in beard growth products .

Beard Growth Spray is mainly used to enhance facial hair growth in areas that are lacking. Guys with patchy beards can especially benefit from this product, as it has a penchant to even out any specific splotchy-looking areas of your beard.

If you are under 18 years, you should wait to use beard growth products that stimulate fast bear growth, because, at that stage, your hormones are not fully active.


  • All Natural
  • Good on Sensitive Skin


  • You do not see result immediately


Remember that growing a beard requires full dedication and commitment. You also have to be patient. Asides using these beard growth products, you also have to incorporate some practices into your regimen such as exercise, resting your body, eating good food and drinking enough water to accelerate your beard growth process. None of the beard growth products are magic potions unless you comply with the directions written on the packages or package inserts of them and skip the practices we mentioned above.

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