How to Prevent Aging and best Anti-Aging Products

best anti-aging cream

Effective Anti-Aging Products for men and How to Prevent Aging

Old age, and aging generally, is a silent unwanted visitor. Time flies by. Yesterday you were a vibrant young man with smooth elastic skin, today you look like someone born during World War II. I know that’s a bit far-fetched but you get the picture.

No one knows when their skin will start complaining, “hey! I’m tired. I can’t take being elastic no more.” It comes unexpected, and most times hits one with a jolt. Your life runs through your eyes. You remember and reminisce about the past, with a twinge of sadness.

No one wants to get old. Everybody wants to be young for ever. Those that aren’t young wants to look young. Being young has a lot of advantages, this goes without saying. Aging on the other hand has a lot going against it. It is usually associated with the loss of physical strength, energy and mental abilities.

When you age, your skin naturally wears and tears, and get wrinkled. So when you start noticing a hint of those wrinkles around your eyes or on the contour of your cheek, or when you notice you’re looking older, you spring into action. “This needs to be reversed.”

So how do you reverse aging and how do you prevent it? There are a few solutions to this problem. I’ll recommend you make use of anti-aging creams if the aging process has settled considerably and if you’re just noticing it, you can try out some of my ideas on how to prevent aging.

For the best results, you can adhere to both- use anti-aging creams and engage in activities and practices that prevent aging. They go hand in hand and one won’t disturb the process of the other.

But before we start, we need to examine this question: what causes aging?

Question: What Causes Aging?

Before I list out the reasons for aging, let’s examine how a good, elastic skin works.

There’s a fibre network under your skin containing some proteins- mainly collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. When your skin is stretched, those proteins snap to put the skin back in its former place.

However, due to a host of things, time included, this network gets tired and weak. As a result, the skin loses its support structure. That is when the skin sags and wrinkles starts appearing.

So, what are the things that causes this network of fibres to become weak?

The Sun. The sun has many advantages to the body but one downside is that it damages the skin gradually. This happens when UV rays from the sun penetrates the skin and gets to those proteins, damaging them bit by bit.

So you might want to reduce the amount of time you spend in the sun. Too much of everything is not good.

Smoking: Wrinkles appear on the face of smokers because enough blood doesn’t flow to their face. The toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes also causes those wrinkles to appear. Moreover, smokers squint often due to the smokes they exhale and this hastens the formation of wrinkles around the eyes.

Quit smoking. It is not good for your health. And your skin.

Poor diet: Eat the right meal so that your skin can get the correct dose of nutrients to function well.

Avoid junk food. Eat a well-balanced meal. Take lots of vegetables.

Sugar: Excess intake of sugar causes weight gain and this makes you vulnerable to chronic diseases. These diseases disrupt your body process and will make you look older.

Stress: This is the most common cause of aging. Chronic stress is tough on the body, especially the skin. It pressures your internal tissues and organs, making them tired and weak. When you’re stressed, you age faster.

Reduce your stress. Take things easy, one at a time. Get a stress release outlet- exercise is a good example.

Other things that make you age are violence, loneliness, constant use of antidepressants and phobic anxiety.

What Are The Best anti-aging Products for Men?

Here are some anti-aging products you can try out to remove those lines on your face. These cosmetic skin care products are designed to moisturize your skin and make you look younger.

You have to check the ingredients though and ensure the products don’t contain stuff you are allergic to.

Peter Thomas Roth Face Cleanser.

This is a citrus cleansing gel containing salicylic and glycolic acid. It gets rid of dead skin cells and brightens your skin.

Kiehl’s Face Moisturizer

Kiehl’s face moisturizer contain Vitamin C and chestnut extract. It moisturizes your skin and make the lines underneath your eyes less obvious.

Neutrogena Face Sunscreen. This is an oil-free, water-resistant sunscreen specially made to fight UV radiation from the sun. All you need do is rub it on your face fifteen minutes before going out in the sun.

Nivea Energizing Body Wash. This product works for the body and the hair. It invigorates weary skin cells, tightens them and leaves a great smell on it.

Elemis Pro-Collagen marine Cream. This cream goes for a bit over a hundred bucks and seems to get the job done.


Vine Vea Resveratrol Chianti Overnight Recovery. At 400 bucks, the Vine Vea is considered a luxury anti-aging product. It has numerous positive reviews, despite its heavy price tag

Ole Henriksen Express the Truth Face Crème. Strictly for removing wrinkles, Ole Henriksen does its job with african red tea, algisium C and vitamin C. It goes for around 65 USD.

ElanVeda Skin Renue. ElanVeda is an anti-aging skin serum that costs 35 USD and has impressed many users.

SkinCeutals Serum 10. This is another serum that gets rid of wrinkles around your eyes, at the cost of $69.

  1. Bigatti. This cream has a restoration impact on the skin. It contains fruit enzymes and works by exfoliating dead skin to uncover a new one that glows. It also works well on sensitive skin.

Bioelements Sleepwear. At $65 USD, Sleepwear is better used before going to bed at night.

Dior Capture Totale. Termed multi-perfection creme, this lotion is a bit expensive but according to users it is “worth every penny.” It goes for $165.

Olay. Slay with Olay. Olay Regenerist Instant Fix Wrinkle Revolution Complex goes for just 26 bucks. This lotion is highly rated and leaves your skin brighter with fewer fine lines.

Epione. Epione Signature Series Restoration Firm & Lift goes for $145. It is considered a luxury beauty product by its users and repairs the skin, irrespective of the damages done to it. It fixes aging, blotchiness and sunspots.

How to slow down aging?

Exercise regularly. Regular exercise promotes the release of growth hormones which builds your muscles, libido and skin as well.

Sleep. Sleep adequately. When you sleep your body repairs itself. Don’t oversleep though.

Be Happy. The hormones released into your body when you’re happy promotes good health and prevents you from aging.

Hydrate. Drink water often. It detoxify your body and keeps you looking young.


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