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hair loss treatment

Today we will discuss one of the scariest nightmares of both men and women; hair loss. Hair plays an important role in bringing out the beauty of people, no matter what your gender is. Why are you losing you hair? Is it preventable? How effective are genetic factors, environmental factors or nutritional habits? Lets dig deep into the problem which significantly affects many people worldwide.

Whenever you read an article about hair loss, you will see that according to the experts it is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair per day . Yeah, maybe it is correct, but only if new strands replace the lost ones! If not, it is possible to list a lot of factors which may be the cause why you are losing your hair; such as genetic factors, stress, eating habits, lifestyle habits, sleep habits, and cosmetics. In a healthy person, about 90 percent of the hair is constantly growing out. This growth can last up to 26 years. The remaining 10 percent is in the resting phase, which lasts up to 23 months. At the end of this rest phase, existing hair strands fall out, new strands begin to grow from the hair follicles and the cycle continues all through life. Most of the hair loss is caused by this normal hair growth cycle. However, at the end of this resting phase, also called sleeping period, in 40% of women and 55% of men the new strands do not replace the lost ones. This leads to the problem that we call baldness among the people.

Using conditioner after shampoo makes it easier to brush your hair. Since it is more fragile while wet, you should avoid rubbing your hair with a towel. Experts report that instead of using a brush, wide-toothed and straight-edged combs should be preferred.

Genetic hair loss: Experts say that the most common cause of hair loss is genetic heritage. In a woman with this heritage, a decrease in the hair amount is visible but does not result in baldness. This type of hair loss is called “male pattern baldness” and it can start even after the age of 10.

Fungal Scalp Infection ( Scalp Ringworm): In this type of hair loss, smooth surfaced, coin size or wider round patches develop on the scalp.  Rarely, all hair and body hair is lost. Although it is not known why this type of hair loss can be observed in every age , it is possible to regrow the hair with the right treatment methods .

Postpartum:  Experts state that a large portion of the hair is in the growth phase in pregnant women; however  after giving birth, hair moves into the rest phase, and an excess amount of hair fall out during this phase which may last up to 16 months. The good news is this hair loss is not permanent and the hair regrows to be as voluminous as it is before.

Thyroid diseases: We often witness that over or underworking thyroid gland can cause hair loss and that hair loss can also be eliminated with the treatment of the disease.

Protein Deficiency: Protein deficiencies occur in people who have poor protein diets or abnormal nutritional habits. Human body puts the hair into rest phase to maintain protein body during this period. About 23 months after this phase stars, an intense hair loss occurs. This situation can be reversed  with proper protein intake and balanced nutritional habits.

Iron deficiency: Iron deficiency also causes hair loss. Experts point out that some people have a diet low in iron and in some cases the iron absorption in the intestines is insufficient. Iron deficiency is more frequent in women due to menstrual bleeding, so we recommend the ladies to drink plenty of red fruit juices and eat vegetables.


These two factors are amongst the most important factors that may cause hair loss. There are numerous amino acids, citrates, enzymes, flavin, fructose, proteins, and vitamin C in sperm that men discharge during sexual intercourse or masturbation. This can lead to results that will cause hair loss in men. Cigarette smoking is not only the cause of hair loss in both males and females, but it is a bad habit that damages the entire anatomy of the body as the whole world now knows.

Is there anything that can be done with herbal and natural methods? Let’s take a look at them..

First of all, you must stay away from chemical shampoos. This is our first and most important warning to you. We recommend you to use herbal and natural products. For oily and thinning hair, shampoos that contain garlic or garlic oil could be a good choice.You should also add a certain amount of pine oil into the shampoos which speeds up blood circulation and allows hair follicles to nourish.

Olive Oil and Honey Treatment

hair loss treatments

Mix half a teacup of green olive oil and a tea cup of liquid honey. Shake this mixture thoroughly and let it rest for a few days. Then work the mixture into the scalp; rubbing it into your scalp your and combing the hair at the same time. However, be careful not to let the teeth of the comb thrust into your head during this procedure. Put a plastic head cap on to keep your head warm. After leaving the mixture on your head for about half an hour , rinse your hair with plenty of water. This process will give a brilliant shine to dark hair.


Castor Oil Treatment

hair loss treatment

After heating half a teacup of castor oil, rub it in your scalp and let your hair absorb the castor oil. Comb your hair slowly and use a towel which has been dipped into boiling water and wrought out to wrap around your head. After doing this, wait for half an hour and wash your hair with shampoo. This treatment is good for too thin, quick-breaking, dry hair. I can say that it is very effective for eyebrow fallouts as well.




Protein Therapy

hair loss treatment

Protein treatment with eggs is suitable for almost any kind of hair. First,beat an egg and slowly add a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon glycerin and a tablespoon vinegar (apple cider if possible) in it. After shampooing your hair once, apply this mixture on your head and keep it on about 15-20 minutes. You will notice a revival in your hair in a very short time after your hair is thoroughly rinsed.

The most important thing to see visible results is to repeat this treatment regularly, taking the time to spoil and rejuvenate your hair on a regular basis. Many people do not even go on a week and assert that they have not benefited from this regimen.With the right diagnosis and the right treatment, many problems can be eliminated.


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