Beard Oil Recipe That You Can Do At Home

A beard is every real man’s treasure but having a quality one is desirable. We all love to grow our beards but it is equally necessary to love maintaining it. I would like to go through the economical route of how to make beard oil in the comfort of your home. DIY beard oil is the way to go for most men nowadays. Of course you might have bought brand X or Y of the “best beard oil” but what makes a beard oil recipe?

I am going to look at how you can make that convenient beard oil recipe using easy to get ingredients. Having your own homemade beard oil is handy and can really help when you are well endowed – with a hefty beard. Apart from the usual needs of a beard – trimming, shampooing, plucking and combing; it also needs oiling. My advice – go natural when choosing the ingredients of your DIY beard oil!

Why you should go for a DIY beard oil?

Before we go on to know how to prepare homemade beard oil, it is necessary to know the benefits. Even though there are a few precautionary measures to be looked at much later, it is so much fun learning how to make beard oil. I will briefly state the full picture for having knowledge of a beard oil recipe:

  • It is simple to make it on your own
  • You get to choose the right ingredients which blend exclusively for you!
  • If you stick to a beard oil recipe it is more cost efficient – less burden on your pocket
  • Easy to apply – you just need to have a damp beard
  • Quickly absorbs into your beard and rehydrates the skin underneath.
  • Contains natural ingredients – no harmful chemical effects!
  • You control the scent that you require on your beard
  • For the cost of one branded beard oil – you get to make multiple varieties. You can blend the ingredients as you wish!
  • Takes care of beard itching – it moisturises and softens your beard and skin, lessening the advent of beard itching especially this winter!

Which tools and ingredients do I need in making a DIY beard oil?

One fundamental step before we learn how to make beard oil, we need to know how to choose ingredients. Generally a homemade beard oil contains two types of oils. These are the carrier (base) oils and essential oils. It is crucial that the ingredients in a DIY beard oil be perfectly blended depending on the use. In this case they are for daily general use, stimulating growth and conditioning beard with the needed nutrients. For a perfect beard oil recipe you need:



  1. 1oz dark glass bottle(s) (avoid plastic by any means) ideally with a dropper
  2. A small measuring cup  or scientific glass
  3. A funnel – basically a small one
Dark Bottle
Measuring Glass


  • Carrier (base) oils — most available oils are Jojoba, Coconut, Moroccan Argan oil, Castor oil and Olive oil
  • Essential oils — these can be classified according to their uses as follows:
  1. Growth Stimulants

– Ginger Oil – responsible in slightly increasing circulation

– Chili Oil (with cayenne pepper) – for increased blood flow

– Ginkgo Biloba Oil – increases blood circulation, promotes beard growth


  1. Nutrient Rich Essential Oils

– Vitamin E Oil – high in antioxidants, fuels blood circulation and helpful in making the skin supple, conditioned and optimally hydrated

– Rosehip Seed Oil-softens beard, rich in Vitamin A for beard conditioning and rejuvenating the surrounding skin

– Carrot Seed Oil – provides beard with moisture, makes it shiny, nourishes with very high levels of beta carotene (Vitamin B) as well as Vitamin A and also protects from UV radiation.

  1. Scent producing Essential Oils

– Fir needle Oil – fresh, clean woodsy scent

– Pine Oil – earthly, freshly cut forest scent

– Sandalwood Oil – attractive woodsy manly scent

– Cedar Wood Oil – light pleasant woody scent

– Patchouli Oil – cool earthy, musky scent – mostly found in colognes

Optional tools

  • Stickers – to label the various types of beard oil recipe that you would have used
  • Wooden beard oil storage box – to store unused carrier and essential oils as well as the extra homemade beard oil


It is important for you to note that whilst there is a long list of carrier oils and essential oils found on the market. The carrier oils listed above excludes polyunsaturated fats in the beard oil recipe which are harmful in the growth of your beard as they destroy hormones such as the basic testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – essential hormones for your beard.


Also on the side of essential oils, the beard oil recipe will exclude spearmint, peppermint or even eucalyptus oils which have been noted to reduce testosterone levels as well as hinder the growth of beard.

beard oil recipe


The main types of natural oils and their benefits

As shown above in a beard oil recipe, there are two main types of oils and I am just explaining them briefly before going to the juicy part of how to make beard oil.


Carrier oils – these are the basic ingredients of your beard oil recipe. As in found in their name, they are the base oil that carries the more powerful essential oils. These oils dilute essential oils enabling them to be more palatable for your beard and skin. If essential oils remain undiluted they cause serious irritation and burning. There are a range of carrier oils on the market that have various benefits. For those on the list, I selected them mostly basing on their availability. However, these also are mostly common in any beard oil recipe.

Some carrier oils and their benefits:

  • Jojoba Oil – very rich in natural oils similar to those found in the skin. Easily absorbs into the skin conveniently soothing chapped or irritated skin.
  • Moroccan Argan Oil – a moisturiser rich in Vitamin E that softens and protects the surrounding skin from aging properties.
  • Coconut Oil – a natural moisturiser as well as hydrant ideal during dry months of the year.
  • Hazelnut Oil – fights against other harmful skin irritations namely acne and eczema
  • Hemp seed Oil– also another moisturizing oil, notable for its nutty aroma, easily penetrates into the skin, aids the growth of hair and prevents beard from being brittle.

Essential oils – naturally found in plant seeds, stalk and flowers. Mostly potent when sensed at your nose. Usually promote growth of your beard by providing essential nutrients to benefit your beard’s health as well as bringing the desired scent to your beard oil. For centuries have been in use due to their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. I have already covered their benefits before. Now let me go to the crux of the matter – the beard oil recipe.

How to make beard oil

In three easy ways I am going to reveal the beard oil recipe. It is quite simple really for you to make your own beard oil. If you have all the required equipment and natural ingredients, then you are ready to go. I will start with the overall process of the beard oil recipe in three easy steps, then go on to suggest a suitable beard oil recipe for you too.

  1. Carrier Oils First!

-Gather your 1oz bottle(s) with you funnel on and pour the first ingredients in your recipe which are your carrier oils.

-Mix and match your desired carrier oils to make/constitute that 1oz (say, half an ounce of jojoba oil plus half an ounce hazelnut oil). You can do with a single carrier oil if you wish rather than mixing.

– If you choose to mix, feel free to experiment with various combinations of carrier oils to make your best choice.

  1. Enter Essential Oils

– Once you have added your carrier oil(s), the go on to use the dropper to add drops of essential oils necessary for scent.

-Never forget that essential oils are potent, so only 3-5 drops is all you need for that memorable scent.

– As with carrier oils, you can mix and match essential oils too in order to come up with your desired scent to suit your taste.

  1. Shake it and be delighted!

Yes, you are done making your homemade beard oil! As easy as that!

-The fun part await now that you have added your preferred essential oils. Close the cap of the bottle and shake it for half a minute. Some leave it for a day or two to settle – it’s your choice. Then be delighted with it – enjoy your product!

*To use it, you simply need just some few drops on your fingers and rub as needed into your beard usually after a shower/ beard wash.


Some recipe tips

In conclusion, I too have tried to mix some oils and enjoyed them so only your imagination is your limitation. You can mix Jojoba, Olive and Cedar wood; also Carrot, molten Coconut and Fir Needle oils. Do what you fancy and share too. Be creative and make your own!

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