10 Exclusive Health Benefits Of Growing Beard

growing a beard

There are numerous exclusive health benefits of growing a beard. In fact, the benefits of having a beard are endless. Apart from having an increased confidence level or sporting a more masculine look, there’s much more in the goody bag of awesome beards.

Beards can transform a plain-looking or dweeby guy into a sinful and rugged hunk. A bearded man has certain characteristics that make him different from other men. A bearded man is a symbol of power, courage, reliability, charisma and strength.

Beards, by themselves, carry the ability to speak for themselves and define the power, status, wisdom and style of the man who carries them.

Beards have a power that demands respect! Besides the way it makes you look, how it influences the way people look at you and how a lady becomes entranced and intrigued by your look, beards have lots of health benefits you probably haven’t heard of.

Research has increasingly shown that having a beard has a variety of health benefits which include keeping you naturally moisturized, younger-looking and cancer-free.

The BIG question now is; are you going to be clean-shaven or will you stand out from the crowd? Will you allow beards to make you unique, transform you into the real man you really deserve to be?

If you are thinking of shaving your beard, below is a list of ten complete health benefits you would definitely miss if you do so. I’m sure that, after reading this piece, you’d give your beard some tender love stroking and plan to groom it properly! And if you don’t have a beard, what’s the delay? Start growing beards now!

Here are 10 health benefits of growing a beard:

  1. They Prevent Allergies

Do you know that your nasal hairs trap more than you think they do? Apart from what you see in a tissue, nose hairs trap pollutants that can actually cause you bodily harm. So, the bigger your beard, the more you prevent pollutants and toxins from entering your body. How your beard does prevents toxins from entering your body?

Very simple! Your beards act as filters from pollen and other allergens by collecting them before they hurt your eyes, nose and throat.

Also, it’s been said that the small amount of allergen material that collects in your beard helps you to develop a better immune response to hay fever and other allergens. In short, it’s like killing lots of birds with just a stone.

However, the key thing to remember is to wash your beard and hands regularly to prevent those allergens ending up in your mouths, eyes or some other place in your body. Otherwise, your beard will simply become a warehouse for allergens, rather than a filter.

  1. Beards Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Recent researches have shown that 95 percent of UV radiation from the sun touches in our skin.

If we are to do a simple math here, it’s evident that beards help to block the 95 percent UV radiation emanating from the sun, preventing basal-cell carcinomas (the most common form of all cancers). The sun’s UV rays can be very damaging on exposed skin. In order to salvage the situation, we use sun lotions, wear hats and heed to warnings of not staying out in the sun for too long.

The sun can be very damaging to the eyes too; hence, the need to wear sunglasses to prevent sunburn of the eye, which definitely, isn’t a picnic.

However, beyond the sunburn and glowing pink skin which itches and peels, too much exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and fastens the aging process. Thus, your beard serves as a natural sunscreen for your face.

Here’s your secret to naturally reduce signs of aging. With lesser sun exposure, you continue to look younger unlike guys who don’t have beards. However, it’s a paradox of sorts that rocking a beard makes you look older, but health-wise, it actually keeps you looking younger!

It only makes sense that if you reside in a country or region where the sun is extremely harsh, you should definitely grow a beard to keep all the saggy, wrinkled skin and skin cancer away.

However, it is always a wise choice to still apply sun lotion when heading out into the sun since your forehead doesn’t get the same benefits as the bottom of your face.

  1. Moisturizes Your Face

You probably didn’t know that your face has its own in-built moisturizing regimen-which is known as your sebaceous gland (oil glands for short).

Your oil glands secrete natural oil that keeps your skin moisturized but the sun and the wind can dry up these oils, which is where beards come in. A thick beard not only prevents you from rubbing it off of your face, it also protects the face from wind exposure which causes redness and dryness.

The best way is to use milder shampoos, conditioners and oils specially designed for beards in order to keep your skin moist and itch-free. Please do not use harsh soaps on your beards; they strip your beard of its natural oils.

  1. Bye-bye Razor Rashes and Acne Flare-Ups

Shaving can be a pain in the ass!

While shaving, you can easily nick yourself or get abrasions that can cause a nasty condition known as folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle). Apart from this, you can also get in-grown hairs and several other hair infections which everybody hates.

The hours of scratching our itchy face have made many to contemplate using a sand paper or cheese grater to relieve the scratch. This has been a problem we have all encountered at one stage or the other. But by growing a beard, it would become a thing of the past and you would never have to worry again. What’s the bottom line? Forgo your razor and protect your skin from all forms of chaos. Let your skin rest comfortably. Hey, a razor-free man is a happy man!

  1. Beards Stave Off Illness

Beards provide facial warmth if you live in colder regions and spend a lot of time outdoors.

The extra warmth that you get from your beard helps stave off common winter illnesses such as the cold and flu while at the same time acts as an extra shield against influences that lower or weaken your immune system.

While others might be shivering and get bone-chilled praying for warmer weather or a scarf to materialize out of thin air, your beard is guaranteed to keep your face warm. All you have to do is say” thanks buddy” and I guarantee your beard will tell you, “don’t mention. What are friends for?”

  1. Provides Relief from Asthma

Those who suffer from asthma know it’s not a picnic. My sympathies! It’s not easy to cope with asthma. However, a beard can act as a barrier between your body and toxins. Simply put, your beard acts as an extra filter before toxins gets to your lungs. This in turn helps lessen asthma symptoms.

  1. Beards Boost Your Confidence

So far, we have discussed the physical benefits of growing a beard. Rocking a beard also contributes to your mental health too.

Studies have shown that almost 70 percent of men who sported facial hair said they felt more attractive with a beard, as well as receiving compliments about their beard, especially from the opposite sex. Not only does your beard ooze masculinity and confidence, it commands respect and attention when you walk into a room.

Women especially are drawn to you like moths. They are entranced, intrigued and drawn to you like ants to sugar. Apart from being seen as a symbol of virility, women perceive fully-bearded men as more reliable, better protectors and better fathers.

What’s more, beards transform you from that creepy-looking lad or bookish nerd into a drop-em-dead hunk. You don’t believe me? Let’s examine a popular celebrity.

Meet Aaron Ruell, American actor, scriptwriter and photographer. He is mostly recognized for his performance as Kip Dynamite in the indie movie Napoleon Dynamite.

Check out his before a beard and after rocking a beard photo. Now tell me you don’t see a total transformation? Tell me you aren’t thinking of rocking one if you don’t have? If you haven’t got one, you’d better hurry!

  1. Sayonara To Blemishes

Forgoing the razor doesn’t just hide blemishes-it actually wards them off.

Razors can irritate the skin or even spread bacteria and make you go through unnecessary hassles. The trick is your face looks a lot better with a beard than when it clean- shaven.

As said earlier, shaving your beard exposes you to a myriad of skin problems. To cut the long story short, grow a beard and keep the great skin underneath. When you have a blemish-free skin, it’s a goodbye to ingrowths, razor nicks and other skin problems.

  1. Beards Reduce the Chance of Bacterial Infections

In a study conducted, it was revealed that clean-shaven men were more prone to having infections caused by bacteria than men who have beards.

This is a far cry from the old belief that bearded men were carriers of all sorts of bacteria. Bacteria naturally exist in the skin and there’s not much we can do to stop it. While shaving, there is the potential of having cuts and other openings in the skin that can cause bacteria to invade our bodies.

When this happens, it increases your chances of getting infections, as well as in-grown hairs. To make matters worse, shaving when suffering from acne will expose you to getting acne-related skin infections.

  1. Beards Give You A Healthier Appearance

As said earlier, bearded men command respect from men and women. They carry around them an air of cultured and refined finesse that’s hard to ignore. Research has shown that growing a beard accentuates the jawline which in turn makes a man look aggressive especially when he’s angry. No wonder bearded men are regarded as badass men! No one toys with them.

How To Maintain Your Beard

Now that the health benefits of growing a beard has been discussed, it is pertinent to know how to maintain them when you finally grow them. These tips will help you in maintaining your beard properly.

  • Decide the look: growing facial hair involves some careful consideration and planning. Having grown your beard, you need to take good care of it, decide the look you want to sport and grow it accordingly.
  • No shaving: maintaining a beard means that you cannot shave your facial hair any longer. Shaving regularly disrupts hair growth. If you are clean-shaven and want to try growing a beard, you can do so over a weekend, if it might attract negative attention at your workplace.
  • Proper diet and sleep: a good diet combined with proper rest is sure a good way to maintaining a healthy beard. Resting for at least 6 hours at might will strengthen your hair follicles. Eating lots of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables along with a protein-rich diet promotes a lustrous shine in facial hair. It also helps it to grow faster. To get speedy results, you might consider taking biotin supplements daily to ensure a thick growth of hair.
  • Exercise: exercising regularly helps in improving a high metabolic rate and the resultant effect is improved blood circulation which strengthens the hair growth rate.
  • Grooming: it is very important to take good care of your beard. Trim it regularly to prevent split ends. Use shampoos and conditioners specially designed for beards. Invest in a beard trimmer to help trim down your hair and comb your beard regularly to avoid tangles and locks in your hair.
  • Finally, avoid stress. Stress contributes to stopping hair growth. It will facilitate hair fall and weaken your hair follicle. Anytime you feel stressed, take a break and and do something fun to relieve stress.

So whether you prefer a French beard like Johnny Depp or want to look roguishly handsome like Tom Hardy, beards are much manlier than a hairless chin. Clearly, you can see that there’s more to rocking a beard than just the obvious advantages of looking good and feeling confident. Instead of shopping for beard growth vitamins, grow your own drug on your face instead.

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